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    What is the origin of the fancy feather dance?
    What's it all about?
    What are there any stories/legends associated with it?
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    I have seen this dance, but don't know anything about it.
    Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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      i can only tell you what ive been told:
      fancy feather dancing started in the west (oklahoma i think)
      it was started as a means of expression for young men desiring to join the warriors societies as a way of proving their physical prowess (maybe, maybe not, just what ive heard)
      but i do know that now it is used not only to "show off" ones physical ability...not to mention coordination, but also as a means of flirting (at least by me and a few of my friends )
      its only 50 or 60 years old, and the object of many is to be as colorful and flashy as possible without causing nausea to those watching :)
      all real men have both bustles


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        The dance was started in Oklahoma, buy the youth who wanted something different to dance. The dance became in the early 1900's, its older then mentioned by Serpin.

        Two of the main people who helped it spread was Gus McDonald and Dennis RoughFace. Gus was more popular because he won the first World Fancy Dance Championchips held at Haskell indian school in Kansas. With that the Poncas were givien the rights to claim home of the World fancy dance Championchips, held in August now.

        The dance spread like wildfire across the plains, and all the young ones were doing it. Then as the dance took off you begain to see people like Paul LittleVoice, Woogie Watchetaker, Bill Wahnee, and many many others. There was a book put out by C.Scott Evans and Rex Reddick that goes over the history and talks with some of the greats. Hope this helps, if what I said is wrong please correct.
        If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
        Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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          that is some history i am very glad to have
          i always wondered about the actual origins...but could never find anyone who knew the whole story
          thank you
          all real men have both bustles


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            Interesting information! :)
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