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    hey guys real quick what's the best fabric for a pair of cape and aprons?
    beaded or ribbon applique?
    now for a kinda awkward question :
    spandex or basketball shorts?
    i've seen some guys wear t-shirtrs , and some wear tank tops , which ?

    this ius up for discussion , i'm listening.

    Rob young

    'i believe I can fly'
    Rob Young

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    The cape and apron I'm working on now are satin backed with duck cloth. The outfit's gonna be sequined and not beaded, so if you're beading your outfit you're probably not going to want to use satin. Beads are friggin' heavy and can restrict your movement a little - I tend to prefer beads when I'm dancing a footwork-based southern style and the lighter ribbon or sequins when I'm dancing a more acrobatic northern style

    As for regalia underwear...I use Under Armour. That stuff breathes incredibly well, and licks up (I think) the same amount of sweat as shorts, t-shirts, and other cotton alternatives. Plus it looks better. I wear full length black Under Armour pants and an Under Armour cutoff shirt under my rig.

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      I like the look of fully beaded. To me, nothing beats it. The down side is time and weight. The applique can look really great too. It is a heck of a lot lighter.

      If you go with applique cape and aprons, you could jazz it up with beaded accessories like belt, side tabs, cuffs, kneebands, etc.

      I beaded my cape and apron on canvas. It's sturdy and is great to bead on. Back it with calico and you're good to go.

      Shorts, well, they're like your underwear, its up to you.

      I've seen spandex and gym shorts both.

      Shirts, I prefer a long sleeve shirt color coordinated with the outfit. Mine are very shiny materials. I have several to change the look of the outfit. When it's very hot, in the afternoon sessions, I may just wear a t-shirt.

      Hope that helps.
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        thanks for the info guys , i'm gonna go with a pair of under armour shorts they are pretty comfy

        I think I'm gonna stick with a applique cape and apron and a set of beaded cuffs , side tabs, headband,and knee pads. I'll be showing my beadwork soonI haver the design down , I just have to get the beads. more questions soon .

        'i believe I can fly'
        Rob Young


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          Another technique that look pretyt slick is applique with a row or two of beaded border - looks a lot like you beaded the applique down when it's done.

          A buddy of mine has this done on his tradish outfit and it does NOT look unfinished, sloppy, half-assed, or lazy at all. Heck, I'm thinking I'll be doing it on the next reglaia I make for myself.
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            hey guys real quick what's the best fabric for a pair of cape and aprons?
            beaded or ribbon applique?
            now for a kinda awkward question :
            spandex or basketball shorts?
            i've seen some guys wear t-shirtrs , and some wear tank tops , which ?

            I try to have a mix of items to suit the activity being performed. If I'm in pretty good shape and not worrying about performance, then the fully beaded everything goes on, but it's gets a little weighted. But if you're in shape, you don't notice it. If I need the extra boost during a heated contest, I might opt for the appliqued capes and aprons because they're lighter. I try to have several of these to change off with. There isn't a "best" kind of fabric. Just those that are bright. Stay away from the swimsuit material, it's too stretchy to sew with.
            I've seen capes and aprons made with cotton material, which isn't as bright or shiny as other materials, but it was the designs and innovation that went into it that made it brilliant. Imagination is key. Fancy dance is all about evolution.
            Some guys wear spandex still, which holds "everything" in place during fast songs. But they feel a little weird. Like if you have skinny legs, you think everybody can see. But I use smaller basketball mesh shorts personally. They're more arid and cover up just enough. Real long polyester basketball shorts are too sweaty and restrict movement when you have to go down. Some dudes wear printed swim trunks. But these can be restricting. They can catch your front legs and pull back when you bounce. Not good for southern pow-wows where it's humid and sticky! But they are warmer for nothern pow-wows when it gets cold at night.
            Most guys are incorporating fully appliqued dance shirts now more so than just t-shirts. Even during hot days. They add to the overall look and movement. They also work to cover up all those strings and stuff we need to tie our bustles on.


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