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  • gettin bucked off

    In the mens fancy I know sometimes they use trick songs. Sometimes I see the most of the dancers get bucked off...well unless the dancer already knows the song or there just good enough. Do you think in competition this should be cause for points being taken away? or whatchyall think!!!! Laterz!
    the ruffler

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    I totally agree. Trick songs should not be used to take points away from a dancer. The problem is that some dancers are associated with some drums. These songs are used to increase the chances of that dancer gaining more points than the other dancers who are not associated with those drums.

    Just my perspective!


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      Heck, yeah! Take dem points away! The steps shouldn't be the only criteria for being a dancer, it should also be whether they know the songs too. Whether you're a part of a drum group or not, you should know the songs.
      Not better. Not worse. Just different.


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        What Ever!! THat's the rules of the game, STOP on time.


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          Well.... If your're having a hard time keeping on the horse, I suggest a lot of practice. Fancy dance trick songs are totally necessary, If you dont know a lot of trick songs....learn some, there not that hard too learn..just buy some southern powwow tapes.

          Hoka!!.....listen to the drum beat!
          "The next time you are teachin' why dont you get taught, it's like that......and thats the way it is" - RUN DMC


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            agreed, you should know the songs, and stop to place...makes u a better dancer


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              You gotta know your songs!!!!! That's the point of competition.

              Nothing makes me madder than dancers (fancy, grass, tradish or straight) missing the stop and then calling foul and asking for another song.:Mad The only thing that is worse is the dancer missing the stop and then going up to be judged::Mad

              If you are gonna dance with the big boys - then be prepared to know your stuff. The whole point of what you all call "trick songs" (which are really stop songs) is that you know where the stop is - it is there for a reason -- to see who is the best.

              Just my two cents!! But seriously - don't complain - learn your songs


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