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  • hackle length

    hey guys:
    I'm working on buying my bustle , I was wondering , since this is the firstfancy bustle for me , which should i buy , 6-8" hackles or the 5-6" hackles. any help would be appreciated and yada-yada so on and so forth.

    happy new year.

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    hackle length

    Boozhoo Maroondancer,

    I would say its a matter of personal preference, depending on how many rows of feathes you want to have, how long your spikes are, how many spikes you have, and how full you want the bustles to look. You can also vary the number of hackles that you use per row pre spike.

    WhenI did my first set of bustles, I went by directions that came with a kit I bought. I didnt give any consideration to how big they were going to be, or how they were going to fit or anything. The final statistics came out to be the spikes being tapered from 14 to 16 inches, extended on 8 inch dowels. This made the neck bustle a little smaller than the bottom one. The number of spikes is 72, 36 in each. The bottom bustle measures 40 across, the top 34. The hackles were 6-8 inches long, with 24 hackles per row per feather.

    When I assembled and wore them for the very first time, the size came out perfect for my height. I wanted them to look as big and bad as possible, and the top one does not drag into the bottom one. (I think its bad when I see a dancer whose bustles are bigger than he, and watch the feathers get tangled up, and then do a spin or something that breaks a spike. OUCH!) I see this all the time.

    Best thing to do when sizing them up is to see if someone will let you try on their bustles. Takea tape measure with you. Put them on, and see if they are big enough for you, without the bustles touching each other when you move in different ways. Bend your body in extreme ways and try to make them touch each other. Do this cause you will probably be dancing like that, and it sux to be pulling an awesome move in front ofa judge and loose a spike right there. If the size works for you, then use those measurements. If not, then figure out how big or how small you have to go, From there you can guess how many spikes, or what length and how long to make the dowels.

    Finally you got to pick the hackles. If the bustles are going to be really small then use the 5-6 inch ones. If they are large enoguh, then use the 6-8. If you use the small ones on a big bustle, then it might not look full enough. You want the hackles on the spikes close enough to not be able to see through. Its my opinion that bustles, that are not eagle bustles, that are really open with too much space between, look really amatuer. Also consider what you will use for flagging, surveriors tape, satin ribbon, shawl fringe, or horsehair, or whatever.

    So now you have a lot to think about, but I hope I have given you enough ideas that you can make your own decision. I really dont think there are any simple answers to regalia making, cause when it really comes right down to it, you are the one that has to wear the thing, and it has to make you happy about the way it is, not everyone else. I have had a lot of people telling me that I NEED to do this or that, or add this color or whatever, and the thing is, I have to wear it, not them. If they want to pay me to make them a set of digs, then I willmake it the way they want, but on my own personal stuff, I like to be left alone.

    I believe in something I want to believe, not what someone wants me to believe.


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