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  • Hackles

    I was wondering if anyone knew where a good place to get hackles( west of the mississippi river ) and who is the most reasonable place to go. If you got phone numbers or web addresses, please respond. Get back to me!!!!!
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    I think about the only place I've ever gotten them is Crazy Crow. They've got a pretty good selection and reasonable prices. They have a web site, although, last time I checked, you could't order online. You could just request a catalog.

    Wish I knew of some other good places. If anyone knows, please post.
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      Noc Bay has some good quality ones. not sure of the prices anymore though. will find out and post later.



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        Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply has better hackles at lower prices. Kugee usually has a sale during the month of December so now is the time to buy. He is not online, just a small store in Skiatook, OK and around at powwows. He'll mail to you if you call or write.

        Box 216
        303 East Rogers Blvd.
        Skiatook, OK 74070
        (918) 396-1713

        Owner-Kugee Supernaw
        Mgr.-Judy Duty

        Hope this helps.


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