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Who has the coolest bustles?

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  • travelingmocs
    Which is cooler Eagle Bustles or Hackle Bustles?
    by travelingmocs
    Over the years hackle and eagle bustles have been used. I was curious as to what different bustles people liked on here. If you have been around pow-wows long enough someone might remember the old fluffy bustles..........
    12-27-2002, 05:55 PM
  • JingleBelle
    Best Dresses
    by JingleBelle
    Who do you think makes/has the best dresses? Who is innovative and outstanding?

    I like the detail and quality of Jennifer Hamilton.
    The classic style and simpleness of Yvette.
    The use of color and intricate design of BJ.
    The innovativeness and williness to try different...
    04-14-2002, 06:57 PM
  • sookout sh'nob
    New bustle time!
    by sookout sh'nob
    New bustle time! I'll be posting photos and updates here, much like my fancy dance refurb post. First off, the ingredients!

    Big brown feathers
    Short bundle of black horsehair (8 inches IIRC)
    Buffalo rawhide
    Artificial sinew
    Beads (haven't decided on what kind yet)...
    10-16-2016, 04:28 PM
  • sookout sh'nob
    bustle refurb
    by sookout sh'nob
    I'm refurbishing an old fancy bustle... most of the dowels on it broke after 20 years and it seems a shame to throw the rest away. I'll be posting up picks as I go.

    So far, I've removed all the old dowels and discovered that this thing is held together entirely by tape! The sticks were...
    12-01-2014, 12:03 PM
  • Steffan Redhawk
    Eagle Bustle Question
    by Steffan Redhawk
    I'll be getting another bird in the next few weeks, and I'll be adding an inside, and outside row to my bustle (I currently have 1 row, 52 feathers, I'm thinking about breaking that down to about 40 feathers, and creating a "dish" style on the inside) then using the new golden (immature, still)...
    05-14-2006, 05:09 AM



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