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  • Acrobatics

    Acrobatics in fancy dancing are not evolving.

    Every once in a while someone will do the splits or an occassional cartwheel.

    Has anybody seen a dancer do a true backflip?

    What about splits. They are on the decline as well.

    I attribute less acrobatics nowadays to the faster speed of songs and the unfamilarity of new songs that are composed each year.

    Whatcha' think?
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    Well Who. although it has been hmmm about 7or 8 years.. my youngest son was a fancy dancer..before he hit his teen years... he could go out in the yard and do triple flips with hands and no hands..just jump and so oneday he put his bustle on and went out into the yard and started perfecting it..he was in a competition with older boys and he was still pretty the song gets going goot and he makes sure he wont hit anyone and does a flip no hands in place and goes right into the splits at the end of the song.. laid his head down on his knee.. up till that time he had not had the nerve or the opportunity to try it..he had everyone on their feet cheering ..ill never forget his face when he finally looked up and saw folks clapping.. he hopped up and ran up to have his number checked..he took first place that weekend.. :)
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      Boozhoo niji,

      Me myself and I am just about 34 years old, and got a little soreness in the knees, from what I dunno. I am a little worried about it though. Never was any good in gym so I cant do acrobatics, but what I dont do in backflips I try to make up for in foot work, comming up with the intricate footsteps and everything.

      Now what I am observing on the trail, is that in competitions I dance in, the beats just get faster and faster. If the beats get too fast, all you can do is just dance fast or spin, maybe pull off a windmill. I dont care too much for the fast beats, unless they do a mixed ruffle song. I like those songs the best because it allows you to do the whole variety of things.

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        Hey NDNKIDZ that's so cool!!!! My son started fancy last year and is still working on his moves. Good thing we have a trampoline for practice.
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