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    I'm making a new bustle set - two outer rows and no extenders. I've never made this style (no extenders), and I'm wondering if anyone on this board has made a fancy bustle without dowel extenders before and how many spikes they used? I'm trying to ball park my materials here.

    Just for kicks...

    On my extended bustle, I have 45 on the bottom and 49 on the top (94 total - also conicidently the year my wife graduated from high school).

    My other extended bustle has closer to 76 feathers - but more hackle per spike so it still looks pretty full.
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    I don't recall ever seeing adult size bustle without extenders. Can you post a photo of this style bustle...the curiosity is killing me!


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      sounds like the old style fancy. Probably wouldnt look good with flashy beadwork and contemporary fancy stuff, unless your only 4 feet tall.
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        long ago

        I made a set in 1985 from tundra swan feathers. I was working as a waterfowl guide & had acess to a lot of the wings. I used only pointers, (first four wingtip feathers) and it took forever to get enough long mature birds. It was still small, but I increasedd the size of the backboards and @ the bottoms of the spikes I connected to the base using a huge wire circle. I dont remeber the deminsions or anything. I didn't use them but twice. They were a little small, and way too stiff. I eventually, stripped the hackles off to use on another set.
        I would only do this again for a tiny tot or young person.
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