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  • just need theknow how...

    apparently people thought i was just joking when i said i needed some tips about what to do when im off the powwow trail, what, you people to good too give advice,please!,your native, and so am i.!!! you aint that good, maybe in your own family, but not here........give me a break..........oh please..... lets be brothers and sisters not opinioniated stated losers be real, be native.........serious statemetns only.... in other wards adult minded people only, BE Civilized!!!!!!!!!!!:Yell :Angel:
    More native than you think...........Better check your self before you wreck your self.........................................
    Live everyday as if it were your last...

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    Hey, don't throw your rage at the whole group. It's me that you're after right? Don't take offence, I'm just a smart mouth punk whipper-snapper. Honest, ask anybody, they'll tell you. :devil

    I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers (good pun eh?) If you really want to learn some good moves go out and watch as many dancers as possible and try to emulate some of their good moves. I don't think that's copying because everyone will perform a move a little different. There isn't much in the way of videos to watch, but "Native American Dance Styles Vol 1" and "Fancy Dance" both from Full Circle Videos have some footage. I think someone puts Gathering and Denver March on video now too, I'm sure.

    And lastly in my own pittiful defence, I still think Simmons' "Sweatin to the Oldies" is still a good way to get in shape for fancy daning. Especially all you East coasters who get snowed in every winter and can't excercise outdoors all year like we do in California!


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