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  • what do i need

    i'm looking to start fancy andam wondering what i need to start and what r the different styles of fancy. all that good stuff i need to start and an advice you guys can give that would be great thanks

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    Go to Pow Wows!!

    Watch the fancy dancers and thier moves, then ask if you can talk to one of them.

    Find out what the parts of his regalia are called and get a "feel" for that style.

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    good luck

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      I agree. Go to lots of dances and watch and learn. Ask questions.

      Here are some of the parts of a fancy outfit. First, Shirt, Gym Shorts and socks. (Basic body covering)

      From head to toe........Porky Roach with rocker or spinner, headband and beaded rossette, cape, arm bustles, cuffs, front and back aprons, angoras or "goats", bells, moccassins and DEFINITELY a pair of bustles. Add a couple of whips or some other hand articles, and you have a basic fancy outfit.

      Of course, this is just the basic components. People add to it all the time and personalize each outfit. Most times, you see loom beaded fancy sets that have belt and harness. Other times, you see lots of lazy stitch beadwork. It just depends.
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