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  • fancy bustle construction

    i need some help people, i am a grass dancer, and i am switching to fancy, iknow what i need to do, i just need some complete step by step instructions on how to construct shoulder bustles and back bustles, if you have any files or anything, you can put them on here, or you can email them to me as an attatchment at
    [email protected]

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    Check out the bustle construction thread.
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      Fancy Bustle regalia pattern help...

      I want to make a set of aprons and top for a friend, however I'm kinda confused on how to make the top. I have seen guys with vests, and others wearing - what looks like a bib with a vest back. I was wondering about the second style, is it a vest with a bib sewn on or how is this made? If you could please post some pics, that would help me out alot.

      Also with the aprons, are they separate or sewn onto a strip of material-like belt?


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        thats one thing i can answer. they are sepeate however i had a grass dance outfit onetime were my moma sewd the two approns, i think you can do this wit fancy to but belts no. you can sew side drops to a belt though. usualy belts are beaded if its a fancy dance belt
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