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women's fancy bustle at Red Earth

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  • women's fancy bustle at Red Earth

    is this really happening? Who's the comp???

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    I wasn't there for the contest but lady fancy dancers of the past voiced their opinion. The energy was there but the footwork and body movements were missing. The majority of the dancers were fancy shawl dancers. Big difference. I was a fancy dancer back in da day and also a fancy shawl dancer after I had two children and let me tell you..there is a big difference. I managed to go on Sunday and I saw one jingle dress dancer that would make a good fancy dancer. This lady was in the special contest that afternoon but didn't place but she was good. Another fancy shawl dancer that I saw fancy dance once before was Shelly Bointy and she was also GREAAAAAT. I could tell Joe Probably coached her. Now that this category is being recognized again I think it may just take off. Fancy dancing is NOT dainty and should be done just like the men dancers. RG Harris would be the one to watch these days because of his footwork that is a style of less spinning and jumping.


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      Thank you for the kind compliment Morning Water. I danced in the special at Red Earth, but since the last time I danced fancy feather was 4 years and 2 babies ago (lol!) at Quapaw powwow 2003, I struggled at Red Earth. My rocker got loose one night, then I got my stick hung up in my neck bustle trying to straighten it out, I had Indian braids the next night and my headband came down over my eyes, my legs just aren't strong enough yet to carry the weight of a man's outfit and be able to dance like a man, and the biggest hindrance was just being RUSTY! I couldn't think of anything to do, I only had like 3 moves...hahahaha. Yes, there is a BIG difference between fancy feather and fancy shawl dancing....and I never wanted to get out there and LOOK like a girl dancing in a man's

      But I had a great time, like always, and yes - my husband does coach I think I just picked up alot of his moves from watching him all these years, but too bad I couldn't remember any of them at Red Earth. So, yeah, I didn't dance well at all there, didn't place in the special, but I'm still glad I did it...that's the only way to come back is to keep dancing and keep getting stronger. I don't want 2 babies and being close to 40 to discourage me from fancy feather

      I hope it does take off and get popular, it's alot of fun...alot of hard work, but alot of fun.


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        You go girl I know you can do it. I watched you dance at Quapaw Pow wow and saw the look on your face while you were dancing. It reminded me of my younger days. I was always told that I danced hard and that I looked like I enjoyed dancing. I did. You will be able to get into shape again..,.I have faith in you. Heck, I used to get out there and give some of the guys ****and actually beat them. Of course that was some years ago. I sometimes hear a good song and almost get up. Back in da day when they had a category just for girls/women it was just plain fun. I was always a tomboy and that's what prompted me to compete against the boys. I was always trying new steps and would watch my uncles and try to do everything they did. Stay right in there. They always say you dance for those that can't dance or can't dance are dancing for me. Thank you.


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          Here are some photos:

          Should have some video online soon.
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