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Male Dancer/Model for photoshoot....Jewelry/Beadwork Artist too

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  • Male Dancer/Model for photoshoot....Jewelry/Beadwork Artist too

    Hi all!

    I am looking for 1 or 2 male dancers that can also do model work for my photo shoot. Won't be paying much since I am working with a very small budget but I promise meals, transportation to & from location, hotel as well as all copies of photos for your portfolios (etc) and a bigger and better budget for the next shoot. Even though I want to do this in the Moab, UT area (may change) I'm open to other areas that are similar in beauty. (Yes, OK too!)

    Guys should be in great shape, at least 6' tall but will consider others over 5'10". Photogenic a must, in their 20's or look young if a little bit older. Long hair would be great but if you have short hair, I have a fabulous set hair stylist who can do awesome extensions. Must be comfortable in denim jacket and pants (no shirt), buckskin style pants and also indian style costume and some body paint. I will be designing the denim (and most likely the other outfits) for you to wear. This shoot is to introduce my chick denim line and my female model is awesome.

    I am also looking for someone who does indian jewelry who would like their art to be featured on my models in my catalog and website. If you also design "historical" style, that would be awesome too! Of course, you will get total and full credit for all of your hard work as well as an advertisement for people to order straight from you.

    Feel free to forward your photo to [email protected] for consideration. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated! Thank you very much!!!
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    You've got to be kidding....

    I think your "ideas" are so steriotypical that they are offensive. i hope that no one actually considers doing it.

    i loved the part where you say they need to wear "costumes and body paint." oh, and if their hair isnt long you would give them extentions.


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      Very Serious

      Thank you for your comments. I understand how this may offend some people. The look I am striving for is a modern day and historical, "stereo-typical" male Indian.

      I am very serious about this and I am hoping that this will help launch careers for all involved.
      "They say I suffer from delusions, yet I'm so confident I'm sane." The Police


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        Perhaps it would help to post some of your work just to see what everyones dealing with. No offense or anything, but no one knows whether your on the level. do you have any example of your previous work...
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          As Requested

          That is a very fair request. I am going to add the website address of a few pictures I have taken and a few that have been published. Those that have been done on films I worked on cannot be reproduced since they are copyrighted but I do have to admit I kick azz when doing behind the scenes style stills. :)
          My designs are not available yet since that is the photo shoot I am planning.

          (copy and paste the addys since the click doesn't seem to work right)

 (hockey player portfolio)
 (hockey calendar shot)
 (natural light headshot)

          Not that I want to remind anyone of the 9/11 Tragedy, however, I did have photos published by one of my old TV News Stations. (I was right across the river and saw it all from my old office) If you would like to see those pictures on the KTAB website, I'll forward the web address to you.

          Thanks again
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          "They say I suffer from delusions, yet I'm so confident I'm sane." The Police


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            umm... pics not working there...

            Well as a photographer I have to say I'm interested and gree that till yer pics are viewable I have to agree with the comments you receiving. BUT that was great that you agreed with what was said and provided the links... just one thing- not a one of them works. So- we are all wondering still about your work- hope you get them working, good luck with that and yoiur project although whether you meant to or not yoiu orig. request and statements may have put off more than a few people as we all strive very hard to break those stupid stereo types every day.


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              Hi and thanks for writing. Well, if anyone took it the wrong way, believe me when I say I am truly sorry. I am doing a storyline in the photography, that is it, and I would rather be truthful and let whoever was interested read what I was looking for. I would never do anything that would be of derrogative nature regarding a people, a race or a human being. Being of Irish ancestry, I tend to take a few things to heart on certain subjects, so once again, very sorry if anything was explained the wrong way.

              I wrote the addresses down so that they could be copied and pasted since the click to the link does not work from this site. I have many of my shots on cd that are in storage however, since I moved.

              Just so you all know, I have my models and am now just looking at people that do their own jewelry who would like their artistry to be featured in certain shots.

              Thanks! :)
              "They say I suffer from delusions, yet I'm so confident I'm sane." The Police


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