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  • Arm bustles

    Can anybody tell me how to make a nice, big set of arm bustles? Mine look like holy hell...
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    There are several ways, but the easiest is to glue the hackles to a cardboard circle. This method is pretty light too.

    I back the cardboard with duct tape to protect it from sweat. If stored properly and taken care of, they will last for years. Just glue the hackles down in rows starting with the outer row first.

    You can add whatever centerpiece you want.

    Some people attach them to their arms in different ways. I tie mine on with shoelaces. Some that think that's uncomfortable put them on with leather or nylon straps and buckles. Dog collars work really well.

    How neat you make them is up to you. The neater you glue your hackles, the neater they look.

    Another way that looks really awesome is to tie the hackles onto dowel rods to match the bustles. This really gives the look of miniature bustles. I've never done a pair this way, but I will one day. With these, It seems you would have to get the spacing just right, with the right amount of spacer beads to make a perfect, tight circle that lays FLAT. Add your centerpiece to hold it flat and you're done. (That's probably a whole lot easier said than done) Good luck with em.
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      To attach my arm bustles I use the wide athletic wrist bands like what the tennis players use. However I'm on the thin side and if you are of the meatier build you might not be able to find the wrist bands in a big enough size. However they are really comfy. More so than shoe laces or leather straps.
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