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  • Fancy Beadwork Set

    I know there is a trading post section, but I figure no one probably looks there for stuff like this. Plus, we don't get too many threads in this forum as it is.

    After years of inactivity I have come to the reality that my fancy days are over (some question rather they ever began in the first place) So I am selling off my complete beadwork set to a loving new home.

    Set contains belt, harnesses, side drops, knee bands, bell dangles, headband, cuffs, whip sticks, and a whopping 12 matching rosettes (2 back bustle, 2 arm bustle, 2 harness, 1 headband, and 5 smaller ones to go wherever you want.) The 5 small medallions and the whip sticks are in 13/o cuts but the rest is in size 11/o. It is used but all pieces are in good shape. I replaced all the fringe this week and re-mounted the belt and side drops. This is a real superb set and I'm being pretty reasonable in price, email me for more info.

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    Hey man I might be interested in the beadwork... What's your e-mail so I can get a price?


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