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How could I go about making a full set for fancy dancing?

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  • How could I go about making a full set for fancy dancing?

    I'm relatively new to beading and I just wanted to hear different prefences for beading techniques for the headband, choker with drop, suspenders, cuffs, belt, side tabs, and peyoted whip sticks. Mainly how to go about making them and specifically how to loom the cuffs(though I may just lazy stitch them), and how to make the drop for the choker. I tend to prefer loomed items over lazy stitch. Thank you for any imput you can give. I posted this in the beadwork section and was told to post it here as well. Feel free to help with any other pieces of the regalia.

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    My advice would be to start by looking at the photo galleries on this website, of the big powwows: Gathering of Nations, Manito-ahbee, Red Earth, Hunting Moon, etc. Look at what the fancy dancers are wearing. For example, you won't see beaded chocker with drops today (that's not to say you can't do it, there are many dancers who have their own "thing"). But always, always, start with a little research. I honestly don't know when the last time I saw loom beaded cuffs, but I'm in Minnesota, and mostly powwow in MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, MB, SK, and MT. Probably on one of the Golden Age fancy guys I suspect. What tribal traditions are you following, that will influence what you have and what techniques you use, as well as colors and designs.


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      Thanks for the advice. I've been getting help with some parts from a friend.


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        I looked at the pictures and there were some guys with drops on their chokers. I saw a lot of lazy stitch which I'm leaning towards because it's faster and I heard it's more durable because it flexes. Also on the other thread you said you don't see hackles and fluffs on the same bustle anymore. Does that mean I shouldn't do that? Because that's the first way I saw them done and I like the fullness of the pic on crazycrow.


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