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Ask Iowa Boy: Armbustles?

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  • Ask Iowa Boy: Armbustles?

    Many viewers have faxed me asking about armbustle. Here's a few samples:

    "Hey, what up with da armbustles?"

    "How come mine don't look like yours?"

    "Mine hurt when I wear them"

    "How do you get the Badger to stop biting you when you wear him?"

    We'll address all those questions (except the one about the badger) in this thread, stay tuned!

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    First off, here's the usually disclaimer. This is what I know, have seen, been taught. Might not be what you've been taught, seen, or know. But this is "Ask Iowa Boy" so work with me people.

    Now, to business......

    there are two basic types of fancy dance armbustles, one where the hackles are kept strung and laid flat on material and a second type where the hackles are attached to small dowels that the armbustles are laced together much like back bustles (this style, which many consider to be newer, is actually the older style dating back at least in terms of construction technique to the armbustles of the 1920s).

    This thread is about the second type of armbustle, the dowel/laced type, which look like this:
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      Seriously, IB, a pink blanket? you have a pink blanket?


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        Originally posted by Iowa_Boy View Post
        Seriously, IB, a pink blanket? you have a pink blanket?
        Hey! Calm down, this isn't one of those threads about shamans or powwows in Ohiosylvannia or somewhere, or even one of those threads where people misssspel every word to look cool with there "dat's" and "dis". Play nice everyone.

        And the pink blanket is the badgers.


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          Here's what one looks like without the rosette attached. Review this and then we can move on to a supply list then on to construction.
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            Supply list:

            1) 1/4 wooden dowels SQUARE
            -you need 64 2 1/2 lengths

            2) 8" diameter paint can lids

            3) elastic

            4) drill and drill bits

            5) ruler

            6) 7mm x 4mm "mini-Crow" pony beads

            7) hackles

            8) colored electrical tape

            9) imitation sinew or other lacing material

            10) badger food (for the badger)
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              Now is the time to take the badger food and feed the badger. Its good to do that before we start, that way you don't have to get up
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                Now, after you've feed the badger, here's what you do.

                First, post on about some powwow you don't like.

                Second, cut your dowels. I prefer square dowels, they don't roll and they lay flat when you attach them.

                Remember, you need 64 1/4" dowels that are 2 1/2 inches long.

                third, drill your dowels. Each dowel needs 2 holes, the first is drilled 1/4" from one end and the second is drilled 3/4" from the other end.

                In this pic you can see how the two holes work, the one that is 1/4 from the end is the inside hole or bottom hole and the second is the lacing hole (that's the upper hole where the lacing goes through that has the spacer beads on it).
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                  Next cover the top 1 1/2 of the dowels with a colored electrical tape (as this part of the dowel can be seen in the completed armbustle)

                  Then attach the hackle. I usually use 25 hackles of one color. Then cover the base of the hackles with colored electrical tape or prism tape.

                  This set of instructions are for only one row of hackles, if you want more, you will need to increase the length of the dowels.
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                    next take a moment and visit Badger Badger! The Original Dancing Badgers! (the badger will appreciate it)


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                      Dear Iowa Boy,

                      Your badger looks cute and cuddly and nice, mine looks like this!
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                        Originally posted by Iowa_Boy View Post
                        Dear Iowa Boy,

                        Your badger looks cute and cuddly and nice, mine looks like this!
                        Clearly you are not following the instructions. Earlier I said to feed your badger, which you clearly did not.

                        Do it now, so we can get back to armbustles.

                        Next you need to cut your plastic paint can lids into 6" circles.


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                          Back from 4 Bears and you are still talking to yourself!

                          Nice info, I don't do Fancy, but I always like learning something.

                          Whats next?


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                            Here's a faster, easier and cheaper way to make either kind of arm bustle:

                            1. Call Iowa Boy on the phone, e-mail or text message.

                            2. Promise him first place in a dance contest you will be sponsoring.

                            3. Give the specs on the order........extra long hackles w/ fancy feather work on each dowel.......real 24k gold thread.

                            4. Kick back and wait for the fine masterpieces to show up in the mail.
                            "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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                              I LOVE the conversations you're having with yourself. Nice refresher from the people here with alternate log ons and they post back and forth as well.

                              Actually this is a GREAT thread, love the badger(s), pink blanket and all.

                              Back to the show:
                              Does it have to be a THICK paint can lid?
                     is what it is...


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