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  • How long does it take

    to make a full fancy outfit? Once you start do you keep constructing unitl you finish or do you do a little bit at a time taking month or more to make?
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    It all depends what you want to look like.

    I would love to see a fancy dancer that only spent one month on his outfit. Yeah right!

    Some things you have to get others to do for you such as: roaches, bustles, cloth applique, beadwork, moccasins and ALL the accessories.

    If you knew all there is to know to put it together (Only a select few have this talent) . . . it would take at least two years of constant work if done by one individual.

    and if you have kids, a job or a spouse that needs a lot of attention. . .

    probably longer.
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      i know i spent a year on just my roach and bustle, and am now hoping to bnuild new ones
      (my roach is only 15" and i want a 21", and i just got a great idea for a new bustle)
      then i spent probably another year (at least) doing the beadwork and fringe, etc for my outfit and still have more to do
      so, yeah, it takes a long time, as whome said
      all real men have both bustles


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        I am one of those above mentioned people that can do all the parts myself and like to but they aint kidding a good looking fancy set can take quite a while.

        Beadwork takes the longest of all the parts. Could be as long as a 6 months or more depending on what kinda beadwork you are doing, how fast you are and how much you are doing. Back bustles take between 3-6 weeks and arm bustles are a day or two because the glue has to dry good. A roach is a couple of days for me but for most folks more like several weeks, but you also need the spreader and that is a long days to make and can be several to decorate depending on how you do it. Applique work for cape, aprons and tabs is about a week to two. Bells and goats are about 3 days. Sticks are a day.

        Now that the basics are done comes the fun, time to accessorize ... and that can really take you a while cause you are never done doing that...LOL.

        Another long part is coming up with what you want the finished outfit to look like when it is done. I can visualize an outfit before I even start and I usually try and draw it up in several mockups so I have different option I can use. It is very satisfying though when it all comes together.

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          I agree with everything said. It takes a lot of time to do it right. My bead set, which primarily consists of cape, apron, side tabs, knee bands, cuffs and moccs, took me a little over a year to do. Bustles take me a couple of months. Accessories take a long time too. A good looking and well-coordinated outfit is something you just can't rush.
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