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any guidelines for 'size' of back bustles?

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  • any guidelines for 'size' of back bustles?

    The question of the size of their back bustles have come up with my brothers. Are there any guidelines to to what would be too small or too large for a fancy dancer bustle? Does it just depend on the size of the dancer, himself, being in proportion to the body.. ? (One has said he does not feel comfortable with the wings of an airliner on his back!) Anything goes, size of dancer, what they are comfortable with.... or something else?

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    If your back bustle catches a good gust and blows you over the drum . . .

    That means' there probably too large ;)

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      What a good question.

      I don't think there is a single guide for how large or small bustles should be. It does depend on the dancer, what he likes and how it feels and moves on him. It also depends on the outfit, a small set of bustles may look good with some outfits. Most dancer that I have talked to tend to favor larger bustles, but your brother is right, they can be too large.

      In addition to size is the shape. I've seen some really nice bustles that lay too flat. I also don't care much for floppy bustles that fold together when dancing. Again it's all personal preference.

      I'm interested in what others have to say about this.


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        I don't know of a guide for the size either. I think the spikes in my bustles are about 17" overall length. I'm about 5' 11" and they are about right, but I like larger bustles. I guess it's all what feels comfortable.

        Like Beadman said, the shape is very important. You want them to have that nice cone shape. If they lay too flat, they don't look as good. (They also rub together and get torn up)

        Also, take Who Me's advice.... you know they're too big if a gust of wind blows you over the drum.
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