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Northern Fancy dancer....southern bustles..?

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  • Northern Fancy dancer....southern bustles..?

    hello. ok fancy dancers...i was wondering if it would be ok if i used southern style fancy dance bustles instead of the northern style up here..i dont like the huge style of bustles that i i took out one bead from between each they are more straight up than straight sideways..ya know what i mean?..
    I also like the way the move and stand up this way..let me know if this is ok.a ho megwetch

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    I agree with Singerdad. Your bustles have to be comfortable to wear. I don't want to advise you if its ok or not as your question reads. But in my opinion, the advise Singerdad gave you is right on. Make 'em the way you want 'em and dance hard!!!!

    If you are what you eat.... I'm fast, cheap and easy.


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      Agreement with Singerdad

      Heck!!!!.....go with what makes you feel comfortable.
      Keep on shakin them long as you are true to your heritage.

      I'm a Lover, not a Fighter!!!!


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        Okay I'm a traditional dancer turning Fancy Dancer, so I know nothing of fancy dancing... but... whats the difference between northern and southern fancy dancing???

        Are northern bustles the style that don't have all the hackles and are made up of mostly eagle feathers??? And southern are the bright colorful ones???

        Aside from that what other differences in northern/southern fancy dancing are there??? I know southern fancy songs are a lot faster than northern because they have the ruffle, and the mix-up. Could someone clue me in???


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          This is a good question. I was hoping to get see some posts. Singerdad is right in saying that the distinctions have definitely become blurry. The eagle bustles are not specifically northern or southern. Neither are the hackle bustles.

          As all dance styles, the outfits evolve and change over time. However, with fancy, it seems to change faster. The eagle bustles were worn in older fancy outfits and have made a comeback. I think they add a very clean and unique look to the outfit.

          The southern outfits typically have lots of loom beadwork. The belt and harness set especially. You see a lot of lazy stitch beadwork on northern outfits. However, that is not necessarily the rule either.

          Now, it really does seem like it boils down to the music you prefer. Southern songs really get moving and dancers use that "quarterhorse" with really fast and fancy footwork.

          Northern songs really rock also.

          These are just some of my observations. Please, any input or comments/corrections and the like are appreciated.

          Hope that helps. It should be clear as mud right now. :)
          If you are what you eat.... I'm fast, cheap and easy.


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