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  • footwork

    should be more emphasis on the footwork instead of the popularity. probably very few dancers who grew up dancing with their grandfathers who were also fancydancers

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    I think footwork is more important than being able to just spin around and make your ribbons fly, shoot anyone can do that, it's the skill and agility that makes the dancer to be able to do all those things at once; spin; footwork, body moves, jump, cartwheels all at the same time and keep in beat with the drum. Not just what your name is and cuz you have a colorful outfit, darn any one can add colors, but ya gotta be able to do it ALL!
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      I agree with NENA on that one....IT should be like that for all dancers.......IT should have everything instead of the person and their family name...........

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        it seems the old style of fancydancing is coming back but they call it chicken dancing


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          Hwah, I had no idea that chicken dancing and fancy dancing were connected! Would anyone be willing to share more on that? A lot of the guys I see dancing chicken nowadays look more like they are grass dancing, sort of halfways old and new style at that-so I was thinking that the chicken dance came from the old style of grass.

          Go easy on me now, I'm from NW Ontario and we don't have a lot of chicken and fancy dancers these days. We do, however have our own version of old style grass!;)
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            "Old style" fancy dancers...

            I’m not going to touch any potential connection between Chicken Dancing and “old style” fancy dancing. (I just don’t know!)

            I will say that there is, and very much always has been, an acceptable style of fancy dancing that differs from that incorporating gratuitous spins, cartwheels and flips. I tend to think of it as a hardcore, southern, “Oklahoma style” that harkens back to the days of feather roaches and Wild West shows. It is almost a 1920s feel with the incorporation of some color.

            It is somewhat more upright, stiffer, and not so flashy. (It is also, conveniently, the only sort of double bustle dancing a grizzled 32-year-old man such as myself can ever hope to employ.) The overall outfits – the word “regalia” makes me ill – are simpler in design but use eagle feathers, without fluffs, exclusively in a statelier demeanor. I’ve never been WAY up north and there is always the possibility that it would look out of place.

            There is, also, the definite possibility that I’m trying to justify an inability to move by offering a unique stylization! Still, anyone in Oklahoma would know exactly what they’re looking at: a technique going back to Pawnee Bill and the Wild West shows. That would be, of course, if I could manage to not trip over my own feet for 30 seconds.

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              Not only has dancing changed with the times, so has judging.

              For people who fancy dance, spinning is the easiest way to get maximum movement - with minimum effort. It seems the champion fancy dancers have a balanced combination of both superior spins and footwork.

              Concentrating on extreme footwork takes a lot of energy. In todays, multi number of contest songs, fancy dancers have changed their style to accommodate.

              "Back in da' day" of the first men's fancydance contests, a competitor would get one or two songs. Each of these songs would have two or three starts/push ups. One song would be a slow or warm up song and the other would be a faster contest song.

              Now they have "bullet songs" that are four times through and start off rediculously fast where it is not possible to put a lot of intricate footwork in.

              This is a sign of the times.

              As for Chicken Dancing and Old Time Fancy Dancing. . .

              Yes, they are very similar. Both in dance style and regalia.
              Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                Shoooot! I aint sceeeerd! I'll post a reply on the relation between chicken dance and fancy dance. Since I'm a member of the Blood tribe, one of the tribes that originated the dance and because I'm also a fancy dancer. I too see that relationship.

                Before chicken dance started being the "IN" thing to do, it was called the "fancy prairie chicken dance" I'm sure there are other names by other tribes, but that's what the Bloods called it. "Fancy" because it involved fancy footwork. Just like how fancy dancing SHOULD be. If you look at some of the more "old-style" fancy dancers, you'll see movements similar to those you would see the chicken dancers doing. Dancers from Oklahoma are the best at this.

                From what I know, back in the day, all dancing was just "war dancing"...there wasn't any distinction between northern traditional, or chicken dance, or fancy dance, or what have you like there is now. Look at the old pictures of dancing of different tribes, they all have similar features, of course they all had their distinct names and purposes. But one can't deny the similarities.


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