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  • Spinners or Rockers?

    Just curious...

    All you fancy dancers out there, which do you prefer; spinners or rockers for your roach feathers.

    As for me, I like the rockers when indoors. Outside, especially when there's a breeze, I like the spinners.

    Anyone have any tips to make a really good rocker?

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    I was wondering the same thing

    the problem I'm having is getting either one to work the way i'd like it to.

    I made a rocker from scatch, and it came out ok, but you really needed to move your head for it to rock back, (the weight kept it forward).

    What I can't figure out about the rocker is how to take the feathers on and off without destroying the inside of the feather. Once the pith is gone there is really nothing keeping the feathers on the rocker.

    I've seen guys tape them on, and wrap them to match their outfits, but I need to take them off inorder to transport my outfit.

    I think the spinner is easier to take the feathers on and off so you can store and transport them seperately. But what I don't like about the spinner is the hap-hazard look it has. I like outfits with nice clean designs. straight lines, sharp looking beadwork, etc. Having your roach feathers going everywhich way doesn't look sharp to me.

    Also, the spinner to me doesn't move to the drum the way a rocker would.

    Hope i helped.


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      Rockers, definitely.:2: :Jumping: :Crazy :Eyepopper :Naughty
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        Rockers rock

        I love my rocker and thats all i gotta say about that, i like the way it bounces with the music rather than a spinner


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          all real men have both bustles


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            My rocker was passed down to me by a good friend. He in the past was a champion fancy dancer in the days of RG. Many times I get asked how is it able to move like it does with little effort. I just tell them it was gifted to me. I just wear a rocker regardless of outside or inside just because I've been taught a southern fancy dancer wears a rocker and a northern wears spinners. I've heard it no other way. :mrcool: :mrcool: :mrcool:
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              I prefer rockers as long as they use rubberbands , the spring one's never looked that good to me and some say they never work. spinners can move to the beat if you know how to get them to . if you let the chain loose and get somewhat smaller feathers they'll spin in circles to the beat . it'skinda something I use in tradish dancing. but yeah for fancy rockers all the way

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                Rockin' all the way

                Personally i like to see rockers on fancydancers, no doubt, but i've seen some really good dancers with spinners and they look real good. As for me i have both rocker and spinners and i usually sport out my rocker at either a contest song or most of the time at a contest powwow, but my spinners come out at intertribal powwows were i dont have to show so much movement and just hang out. As for how to store and put on feathers on a rocker, i have a strip of sinew through my feather right under the webbing, i stick my feather on the wire then i tape it down, in the bottom of the tape my two strings are secured by the tape.
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                  ROCKERS!!!! :Hammer

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                    George Alexander made mine and still use it to this day. And I figure his style of dancing is what I and many other people would consider to be true southern fancy dance. And I try to keep to the dance's roots by always keeping in mind that Oklahoma is where the dance came from. I've never used spinners because they don't move the same way a fancy dancer moves. You don't notice spinners on a fancy dancer the same way you see rockers. Rockers look cool as hell when a good dancer is cruising to a psychotically fast song! It looks more a part of the dancer.


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                      you aint a fancy dancer unless you use a ROCKER if you wanna wear spinners, go tradish. or spin ur azz to okla to see some real fancy dancers.


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                        when i wach fancy dancers i think roackers look better
                        Powwows my life style


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                          southern Rockkerz

                          You really should make your own..although i would like a couple of my favorite dancers to make me a sweet rocker. The reason I think you should construct your own rocker is because it is a right of passage into the fancy world...or at least it should be. They ain't all that easy to do ...but neither is the dance. But nothing is more hard hitting than a rip roaring rocker nsync with a good southern bullet song. My dad has always said that fancy dancing is like a cowboy on a bull ... ''when you get a good bull (song) ride it real hard,hold on real tight and ride to victory!'' The applause will let you know how ya really did. But ain't nothing like a real nice rocker making you look goot!


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                            Rockers all the way. Make your own as a right of passage SaltRiver Cheyennes...I would say making your own bustles is the right of about patience. As for rockers I am fortunate that my little brother can weld...made a sweet rocker that works better than anything I have every purchased or made myself.


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                              Spinners!!! for sure
                              With the natural bend in the tail feathers, it cuts the air and dances a storm. It is also pretty cool when your not dancing or during a prayer or honor song. the feathers dance the wind without you.
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