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    My 11 year old has expressed an intrest in fancy feather dancing. I have one thing to say HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea of how to get him started what he's going to need. Any & all help is much needed. What is the first, second, third, etc things he needs to know. We have never had a dancer in the family before so there are no uncles, brothers, daddies to teach him. Thank All for the help. Bee

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    Singerdad is absolutely right. Find those dancers in your area that would offer some assistance.

    For those just starting out, try to keep it very simple. Don't get overwhelmed by trying to do the outfit all at once. Start small. Learn the song structure and watch good dancers. Practice Practice Practice.

    For the outfit, start with the big pieces... BUSTLES, cape and apron set, roach, moccs and goats (angoras). I would suggest, unless you have people to help out, don't get caught up in the weeds on doing a lot of beadwork.

    A good satin or other lightweight material cape and apron set will look great. Maybe start the beading projects with a set of cuffs. Later, you can add as needed.

    The bustles will take some time, and should be done right the first time. Don't skimp on those because that is such a major part of the outfit.

    The book Singerdad mentioned "The Modern Fancy Dancer" by C. Scott Evans is an excellent resource.

    Good luck with it!

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      Thank you Singerdad & Bwhitefor replying, sorry to say we don't know any Fancy Dancers we are starting from ground zero. Have gone Pow Wow couple of years & son watched some, but was more intrested in playing than watching. Now he says he wants to Fancy Dance. & he expects mom to know what to do but I don't. I will look for that book and thank you for the suggestion.:)
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        I have to agree with "Dad" also especially about learning the
        song structure first. This is the most important thing in my opinion. Also about getting in shape. This isn't an easy dance if it is done right and you have to practice, practice, practice. Knowing from having had two fancy shawl dancers sometimes these two things will stop them from wanting to go any further with a dance style. I definitely would have him work on this before starting the regalia. Also, in addition to the book there are also videos out there that would show him what he can expect. :)
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          I agree. It takes some work to build up your physical endurence. And you'll feel a lot more comfortable dancing, if your toned and trim. (You'll also have a better chance at those fancy shawl dancers... get my drift).

          The Modern Fancy Dancer is an excellent book to use when designing your outfit. It has a variety of styles, with a variety of colors. The best thing about it are the step by step, in & out, up & down instructions for every compnent of the Fancy outfit.

          Good Luck! Have Fun!


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            Did I mention My son is 11, has not expressed intrest in girls YET. I appreciate the fine masculine points, But I'm going to be a mama here. Right now he likes the flash & colors & has not thought about other things that I know of. I appricate the advice & thank you for all the help, Please keep offering the help but keep it clean. He reads these posts too & got slightly embaressed with the last post. thank you again for all the help. Bee;)


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