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comfy top harness?

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  • comfy top harness?

    Ok, so my bustles are all together, the outfit is sewn up, and I got my moves down (good enough anyhow ;)) One question remains on my mid:
    What is the most comfortable way to wear my top harness (for the top bustle)? I'm thinking somthing, maybe braided and tanned leather strips, that would cross in front of my chest, like a big "X" (or maybe a 5 point race harness ;))

    I'd appreciate any stories/tips/ideas.

    Ahaw, Miigwech!
    Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan

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    I have mounted a bandanna or scarf to by top bustle so it ties around my neck. To keep it from choking me, a got a 1" wide nylon strap with one of those plastic buckles that clip together and cinch down. I run this strap underneath the back of my cape, under my arm pits and under the front portion of the cape. Coming up through the neck of the cape, I clip the strap through the scarf or bandanna and cinch it down to keep it off of my neck.

    Once its done, its all covered by the cape and nearly invisible.
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