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  • Roaches

    I'm in the process of finishing my raochs, and I wanted to know what I should use to dye the guard hair. i want to put highlights in the white to match the rest of my outfit, any ideas on what to use?


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    do a deerhair row


    There is nothing that says you can't make your roach the way you are talking about, but you can make a better roach than that. If you really want to do your roach right, then tie up a row of deerhair to be sewn on in front of the porky hair. That deerhair can be dyed separately as a whole string after it's tied or you can buy the tails already dyed (which is much easier, faster and safer). If you really do not want to take the time to tie the deer hair then just try 'RIT' dye it works well.

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      dyeing deer hair

      i am a roach maker and the way i like to add color i dye my tails first before i tie them..that way i can add different color stripes..and get the color i want cause alot of times its hard to get the color you want by ordering already dyed tails..expecially if its odd colors..i put it in hot boiling water and with ritz dye and then let it set for about 2 hours rinse with warm water then cold..then you are ready to tie your deer hair..its easier for me that way
      cheryls custom made roaches


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