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  • Fancy

    Hey a question for you all.
    Did anyone go to schemit 2001 and watch the southern fancy??
    If you did you know the out-come was totally crooked. There was this one guy with an outfit that kinda looked liked spike drapers, but he was stompin' on everyone out there! He obviously deserved first all the way.
    But no. Who takes it? That roberts dude, who looks like hes smellin' his armpits the whole time. Some people say thats real southern dancing, I don't know anything about that, but I know who looks like they deserve first.


    ps. I know that was ages ago, but you'll probally see the same thing this year.

  • #2
    Not too sure who your talking about but you know how pow-wows are becoming today. I mean you hardly ever see a dancer that danced his *** off and really tore it up. But didn't place. WHY? Because he probably doesn't have that name like others do. Personally I hate that. But Michael Roberts is a good fancy dancer I think. Not to take anything away from who ever your talkin about. I also didn't think Gabe Bullock should have placed where he did but thats my opinion. But sometimes some.....SOME judges judge fair. Personally I thought Darrell Jack was going to take Southern Fancy and Spikes spotlight special. But who knows. I didn't get to judge.


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      Dear Iowa Boy,

      I was recently at a powwow where a fancy dancer I thought was just tearing it up didn't even place. What's up with that?

      Yours fancily,

      Wyoming Guy
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      off beat
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      there was a time that you have to stay on beat when you dance to place, but now days i guess that it don't matter.
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      Happy MLK Day! Some of the regulars must have the day off.

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      Boozhoo niji,

      OK so I was at this little gathering here in Florida called Chasco festival. It is mostly a fair, witt midway rides and whatnot, but back in a little corner is where the NDNs would sing and dance, along with a handful of vendors. This gathering was kinda special for me...
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