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    Maybe one day you may see some of the top dancers competing at Denver March, Schemitzun and other big powows incorporating parts of "retro" outfits into their own.

    Now, the eagle bustles have made a comeback, so who's to say that much older style design elements may be brought back into the spotlight.(ie. hand bustles, knee bustles or leg paint, feather roaches or other things)

    I wouldn't hold my breath for an "old-style" fancy dance category anytime soon. The dance is evolving and changing too fast for that.

    Besides, the term "old style" just evokes images of Boy Scouts.

    I've got other thoughts on the issue, but I gotta go for now.
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    I agree with both of you actually. It would be awesome just to SEE one of those oldoutfits in person, not to mention seeing someone dance in one, the way the style was originally danced.

    You're right though, bwhite. We'd have to term it something besides "Old Style" so as to get away from the Boy Scout image!

    Does anyone know if any of these old outfits are still around anywhere? Or if there are at least some old pictures available?

    Great idea!



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      old fancy dance pics

      I think Mr. R posted some historical photos a while back that included fancy dancers.
      One thing at a time...


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        old style

        do any of you men know any stories about how the women fancy began and what they originally wore, steps, looked,etc. ?
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          What about Robby White from Oklahoma. Anyone know or seen that guy? He kinda looks Old Style to me. But I wasn't born back in 50's or 60's.


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