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  • How much would it be.........

    My cousin's wife wants me to help her get her son's outfit together. He is 13 and is a good dancer. The only outfit he has is his uncle's which is like 30 years old. How much can I expect it to be for someone to make bustles for him??? Plus, I know of one person I am gonna check with in Maryland does anyone have any suggestions of someone else to check with??? I don't mean to sound cheap but she doesn't have lots and lots of money. I just wanted to be able to get a general idea. Thanks!!!

    P.S. I am gonna post this in the Trading Post forcum also!
    Becky B.

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    I don't know how much a set would cost already made. Materials for a nice set of adult bustles is going to run in the $300 range give or take a little. However, the materials cost varies depending on how full they are and how many rows of hackles, tip decorations, etc. $300 would make a very nice set of bustles. (spikes, hackles, tip decorations, glue, dowel rods, yarn, material for bases, etc)

    Size is another factor. I don't know how big he is, but some 13 year olds are pretty big, almost adult size.

    I hope you get some information on the cost of the finished set. Wish I could help. Good luck.
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      Thanks BWhite, now I am checking around to see who can do them!
      Becky B.


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