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hair ornaments for fancy dancers

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  • hair ornaments for fancy dancers

    well i got a lot of eagle fluffs and feathers and plumes from my grandfather this weekend as a gift and i dont know what to do with them. could i make hair ornaments such as a scalp feather or a scalp lock or even a visor? (i never seen it on fancy but its cool) ihow bout a hair stick, well can someone give me ideas that i can use it on ?? what have you seen on fancy dancers heads?? thanks for the replys,bye.

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    hair drops

    Well for fancy dancers you could if you had about 3 to 4 inch feathers make a hair drop if they are to long being a fancy dancers you will tear them up easily. i have see just bundle up plumes one or two and attach them to the scalp braid and hang it off the side of the head. and if you have little feathers they bundle a bunch up and do them the same way as the plumes.but fancy dancers usually don't wear visors but it depends on the tribe that you come from. I just know that my tribe does not wear a visor period.


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      I've never seen fancy dancers wear visors. Looks like it would get in the way to me. You could use some of the feathers as drops on a roach pin, or fluffs and plumes on the end of the roach pin as well. If the feathers are large enough, you could make a nice set of scalp feathers. Just a couple of suggestions.

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