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Compact Disk in bustle ?

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  • Compact Disk in bustle ?

    I noticed what I thought was a CD in the middle of a bustle. I couldn't get close enough to get a good look at it. My husband said it was a CD and that he's seen that occasionaly ever since they switched from tapes to CD's. He's been to alot more Powwows in alot more states that I have. Anyway, i've never noticed this before.
    Is this something common and i've just been blind?
    And, why a CD ?
    Is my husband just teasing me and its realy something other than a CD?

    Like I said I just saw it from a distance. And, I admit one of the many things i'm totaly ignorant about is mens Regalia.

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    I've seen this done before. I imagine dancers like the irradescent shimmer that you get from a CD but cannot get from a mirror. Your husband is probably not pulling your leg.



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      yea i seen cd's on fancy bustles a lot. i myself have cd on my bustle, my cd is under my medalion that hold my bustle together. i also have a cd in the middle of my arm bustle, and it also has a medalion over it. i guess i used that instead of something else to hole up my bustle and my arm bustle because its shinny and i like the way it reflects from the sun because it has a glossy cover, i like it and its commonly used now-a-days.


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        Used them in the same way for my son when he used to fancy, about the time they first came out. Put the medallion on outside of if and get a nice effect.


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          I did a double take as well when I first saw it.

          A fine example of recycling (or what to do with all those stupid AOL CDs they send all the time)
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            cd's are okay-they add some shine
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              IMHO I'm pretty sure that if the old-timers had CD's, they would have used them.
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                Yup I have CDs in my arm bustles. I dont use em in my back bustles, they dont last. I guess there is too much torque back there, when I get back the disks are usually gone. I like to use the red ones, to go with my outfit, they are hard to find anymore. I dont mean a red label either, when you flip the disk over its red all the way though.
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