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  • Gourd Dancer's Regalia

    I am asking this for my husband, who has just be recently introduced to gourd dancing. I am trying to help him finish up his regalia. He has his rattle, the robe, he is working on his fan now. I need info on the sash, like what kind, color, and where would he get it? Is there anything else he needs?

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    Thank you.
    No matter where you go, there you are.

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    His fan could be a loose fan, wing, flat or a simple feather.

    His battle blanket is an important part, since it holds his military awards etc.. Ribbon work can be a nice touch.

    His sash is personnal. Purple is traditionally reserved for those that have recieved the Purple Heart. Most are a velvet or such long enough to go around the belt area and tie with enough to hang to at least his knees(with the fringe). Beading the ends is also personnal.

    The bandalier is a nice part of the outfit. Most like to use Mescal beans.

    Don't forget the moc's.


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      When you get the chance,check the archives for the board.There was a good discussion on GD sashes last year.


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        Cherosage is right on as far as basic regalia goes. In my opinion the next most important part is the personal attire that is worn. No jean, tee shirts, sneakers or hats.

        Most of the men in this area (Oklahoma) wear dress pants (black, blue or tan) and a dress shirt - long sleeves are preferred. My guys wear neckties or bolos and sometimes a vest. They were taught that you dress as you would for church.


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          No hats period? What about like cowboy hats? I thought someone told him that they were O.K.

          Just want to make sure he/we do this proper.

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            We went to Carneige a few years back and one of my relatives had a baseball cap on. They asked him to remove it. I have seen some dancers wear cowboy hats but most around here do not.

            My guys may wear their hat to and from the dance, but never in the arena. My husband wears an otter cap when he straight dances but not when gourd dancing. We have seen some gourd dancers with otter caps. We were in Comanche country then.

            Maybe someone else can respond here. I only know that my father in law said no hats. Anyone else?


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              I've danced often with the Kiowas. I was taught that one could wear their straightdance suit to include the otterturbine (beaconrind). I was told this by some of the Kiowa Elders. I could name them but later in private if necessary.

              I second the clothing worn. We are to wear our nicest clothing. I say it that way because not all people are able to dress the same. For some blue jeans and a work shirt are their best. I have no problem with that. They should not be looked down on for their clothing. Each person knows what they can and can't have. I and all others should have enough pride to be their best. that is not for anyone else to decide.
              Good pants, long sleeve shirt(even one with ribbon work), mocs and no hat(only the otter).

              I'm sure there are other ideas. This is only what I was taught and experienced.

              Good luck!!!!!! Wa-Do!!!!!!!!!


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                Gourd Dance Regalia

                NO SHORTS!!!


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                  A-Ho Napesne: Sounds as you have some experience in this matter. NO shorts, NO hats, YES nice shirts and pants as possible mocs or footwear(shoes/boots) if no mocs.


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                    Yea!! Wear all those traditional things...look nice...and tell your husband to please stay in beat with his gourd...its kinda hard singing in beat when someone behind you with a loud gourd is all off...LMAO. and tell him if he dont..get some rythynm (however you spell it)....and tell him have fun.

                    ps...tell him dont get up till the head gourd dancer does....
                    :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

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                      Originally posted by luvstraightdancrs
                      We went to Carneige a few years back and one of my relatives had a baseball cap on. They asked him to remove it.

                      Maybe someone else can respond here. I only know that my father in law said no hats.
                      That is a quote from a few years back, and it is appropriate.

                      Stop the ballcap thing before your members are asked to remove what many of us would do.
                      Scott Zotigh
                      Kiowa Black Leggings
                      Kiowa Gourd Clan
                      Kiowa Tiah Piah
                      Kiowa Marine Veterans
                      American Indian Veterans


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                        And tie your kerchief "medicine" at the right height on your bandolier. I've seen a couple of guys with their kerchiefs hanging over the belt in back. Whoa!


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                          I'm not Native but at many of the Tia-Piah powwows i go to, i've seen people with ottercaps and people that wear blue jeans (but they were dressy, not saggy or torn). I have also seen people with cowboy hats but not to many people wear them.
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                            There has been much good info posted here already! I would like to add that you need someone to take you under their wing to show the proper etiquitte of the dance. If possible attend some of the mother clan dances in Carnegie as a spectator to learn the proper way to do things, Don't just rely on what you see at pow-wows!!


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