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wanting to learn gourd dancing

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  • wanting to learn gourd dancing

    Was wondering if there were any dancers in the Central Texas area that would be willing for questions, etc:Angel2

    Its been hard for me to find people willing to help out. I have finally meet some through the American Resource Center in San Antonio (AIRC) {{and I am currently the web master in trade for knowledge, etc}} and I know several memebers of the San Antonio gourd society, yet that is about 2 1/2hrs away and hard for me to learn on a regular basis

    It would be nice to meet someone hopefully near Pflugerville, or anyone else who would like to be email pals are welcome.


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    Gourd dances in Texas

    I would suggest you head to Crowley (south of Fort Worth) for the Texas Kiowa Tia-piah or to Houston for the Gulf Coast Tia-piah. Both groups are well established. Any way you look at it, you're going to have to drive. That's powwow life.


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      thanks PARK:Wave

      I will have to see if I can find dates to the next event and travel is never a problem for me in Texas, I am used to it all the time :Rainbow



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        No problemo

        There aren't any big dances in the state that I know of until Fall. Texas Tia-piah has occasional benefits (usually February) and an Annual the first weekend in May. Gulf Coast Tia-piah has a benefit on the third weekend of every month from September to March and holds an Annual the third weekend in April. Contact info might be in the Calendar section.

        These groups tend to shut down over the summer to head up to Oklahoma in and around Carnegie, Anadarko, and Lawton, primarily during July 1st-4th.

        There are plenty of other dances starting in the Fall that have gourd dancing as part of the problem.



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          again thanks

          was there in Lawton last summer about the same time you mentioned to attend a stomp dance, thanks for the info, I'll ask a friend about it tomorrow nite who is a member of the SA gourd society


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