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  • A Question About Names

    I have noticed during the Gourd dances the many ladies who dance to the edge of the Circle with their shawls with family members' names on them (some of them with medals below the names). Is there a rule of whose name can be placed on the shawl and if there is a certain location for each name?

    My husband has recently started to Gourd dance and I would like to do my part to supprt and honor him, but I would like also to show respect and honor my Father and Grandfather, all who have served in the military.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Does your husband belong to a Veteran's group? If so check with the auxillary for advise.

    The ones I see in Oklahoma basically have the name of the veteran, rank and years of service. Have even made a couple. Medals and patches would be your own preference I think. As far as location, I know the women here center the name and information on their shawl. They usually don't list all their family members.


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      I believe if you feel strong enough about your grandfather, and father you should be able to place their names along with their dates of service and branch of service. Any and all info is your choice. Place your husband on their also if you would like. All awards, etc. are at your choice. Most generally we try to center our things, this is the military way.


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        Gourd Dancing Regalia

        Hau Kola Choctawgirl:

        You honor your husband by dancing behind him, as everyone can see. Personally I find multiple names "tacky", however every circle has its' own peculiar ways.

        Did you ever get the sash made for him? If you still are looking for it, the fringe from McKee's Indian Store P.O. Box 249, Anadarko, OK 73005 @1-800-256-3724 in 14" lenghts is, in my opionion better (and cheaper - about $5.00 yer yard) than Crazy Crows. It certainlly beats tying all those single strands by hand. I've seen black, dark blue, white, and gold colored fringe at dances. If you still need help with the sash proper drop me a line, and I'll send dimentions, etc. In the mean time

        keep 'smilin

        P.S. How can I e-mail you without cluttering up the general net??


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          I personally agree that you honor your husband by standing behind him too. I have usually seen the names of people that are deceased or in active duty or absent on the back of shawls. I disagree in a way about more than one name. I have seen when they have two or three they are smaller and are tastefully done. Would not want to see big names. Then i would give thumbs down to it. I think it is sweet you want to honor your dad and grandpa that way.

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