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    Last year I was honored to be allowed to gourd dance in MD at a powwow, or was it VA... (Hmm..) anyway, is it inappropriate to stand inside the east gate and dance if I wasn't asked? I was at a powwow recently and they were gourd dancing and spirit just slammed me to dance, I had to control myself and not just go in for fear of anyone telling me to leave!!! (and yes, I am a blood, mixed):( Can anyone help me with this question? The last thing I want to do is offend anyone or be asked to leave the circle.
    My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...

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    The easy thing to do is just find the Head Gourd Dancer and ask him if it is OK to dance with him.

    You may want to consider asking a family Gourd dancer to sponsor you and introduce you to the drum. After this you should be able to dance where ever you are. Learn all you can about our ways, what this dance really is and why. Learn the do's and don'ts

    Just a thought!!!!!!!!!


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      O`siyo CHEROSAGE...thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate the input

      Wado, Tess
      My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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        I agree. Before you just start Gourd Dancing, the Head gourd dancer should always be approached and asked. (hint) Maybe you should take some tobacco as a gift for him also.


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