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    wahhh, who me, u for got about me...auye...
    sigpic This is how I dance when your standing next to me...

    "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the Dogs of War..."


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      Originally posted by Camp7Kiowa View Post
      The Comanche College in Lawton, OK offers Comanche Language Classes I and Comanche Language II. This is an awesome way to learn the language and get college credit too. I'm thinking of taking Comanche Language I {half Kiowa and half Comanche}.

      Too bad there isn't more Kiowa Classes available. I did attend a Kiowa class last year thru USAO, Chickasha, OK and got college credit. It was more of a history class and not a language class.

      I know this is kind of old, but Kiowa language is also taught at the Anadarko high school, the University of oklahoma (for the past 15+ years. Different spelling system from USAO), and maybe still in elgin (i'm not sure if it's still there). Those who teach the Kiowa hymns also have a formal system of teaching Kiowa reading and writing (Also a different spelling system). I believe there are small independant groups teaching the language as well.


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        Originally posted by Camp7Kiowa View Post
        I hear that a "cone-gee-own" guy named Drew, that is a "protege" of B.E. Horse can speak better Kiowa that most full bloods. He was interested in the Kiowa culture which included songs, dances, and history.

        This kinda makes me feel bad because all the Kiowa ways are being taught and learn by NON Kiowas and here we Kiowas are not receiving this knowledge. I try the best I can to understand and pass on to my kids what I know about our tribe but I am not being taught by an elder who really knows that old ways.

        The next best thing is to find a reliable Kiowa history book and learn from that. Sad isn't it. What do yall think?
        Sometimes i feel like that too (in regard to your middle paragraph), but i believe it is a combination of a lack of access to certain things or shyness that slows this down.
        I always thought a Kiowa History class would be a good thing to have at local schools like anadarko, riverside, and carnegie, and always wondered why there wasn't while i went to school there. There is the language class there, but a history class could be a seperate class on its own. Maybe the money isn't available or the idea hasn't come up, though.


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          Morning, I heard there is a Kiowa young mens association in darko there, , maybe be a volunteer and go palces with them like out to medicine park and saddle mountain, get some visual history that always kewl, I know they had a tipi putting up class in june, I don't know if it happened due to rain and all.... then maybe someday they will get craft workers in there to help with far as a langauge class there is one in carnegie on monday or tuesday nights at 7 at the complex i think, call the Kiowa education center and ask about that language get together, I know somebody picks up these elders and takes them......

          Welcome to Kiowa Young Men's Association Online


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            Originally posted by Camp7Kiowa View Post
            I hear that a "cone-gee-own" guy named Drew, that is a "protege" of B.E. Horse can speak better Kiowa that most full bloods.


            But does he know he's a konegee?
            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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              I think he knows he's Konk. Hey Kon-gee-ons are tribal too arent they...just kidding.

              Hey Saycoin I didnt even know that was you...its me LWW!!! Bay-Gaw!
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                Clean Up Day

                I was asked by one of the KGC officers to remind the KGC members that Clean Up Day is Saturday, 07-21-08, at the Carnegie City Park, members should be there at 8:00am. Members wives are asked to bring something for the noon potluck meal. It's a lot of work and it's hot,but if everybody shows up we'll be done by noon. It's a lot of fun and you can hear some good stories. We drove by the park this weekend and there are a lot of stakes up already. Everybody is starting to get that "Fourth Feeling"!


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