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  • White Star Gourd Dance Society

    what is the history of this group? how does one gain membership?

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    The organization is around 3 years old. It is the only non-native gourd dance organization I know of. The whipmen for it are from Ohio and Indiana. I do not know what membership entails outside of sponsorship of a current member. They hold an annual dance around Veterans Day in Indianapolis, IN. That's all I can tell ya. Anyone else?

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      That's about right.

      We are going to be the host gourd dance society at the O-sa-wan Pow-wow in Belvidere, IL on Sat. 8/18. This dance is put on by the Mascoutin Society. Then we'll be at Tipton, IN over Labor Day Weekend at the Tecumseh Lodge Pow-wow. Our dance is Sat. 11/17 at the Clermont Lions Club in Clermont, IN on the west side of Indy.



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        Could someone please respond with a little more detail to the original question? I also am interested in the history of the organization, it's roots, the name, its officers, etc. Any info is appreciated.


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          White Star was the idea of Teed Howard and Dick King. The original idea come from Dick King about thirty of fourty years ago, for a vetrans socitey I believe. And the white star was going to be the emblem of the group. Well that fell threw, so Dick and Teed got the group going again about four or five years ago. There goal was to promote Gourd dancing here in the mid-west and to exspand it around here.

          We try to follow wha Gourd Societys does in Oklahoma. We help sponcer dancer and will take care of the gourd dance. At Tipton pow-wow we run the gurd dance. The group as memebers all over. Memmbership is twnty dollars a year and there is a yearly dance. If you have any further questions please PM and I will contact you with one of our head men............TMS
          If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
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            White Star had their first gourd dance in 1998. Dick King told me that the White Star came from the big white stars that were on tanks and other military vehicles when he and Teed were in the Army. Teed served in the army in WW 2 and Korea. I'm not sure when Dick was in the army. Dick was brought into gourd dancing in Oklahoma in the 1960's. Dick also composed the White Star song in the 1960's, but never used it for anything until he and Teed started White Star.



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              I don't know much about White Star.
              But I'll add comment about them being the only non-native society.
              The Arizona Territory Gourd Dance Society came out in ???? 92 if memory serves me.
              I don't know their current status since I've been relocated and out of touch. When they started they were very "mixed", native and non-native. Anyone out there that knows more recent info on them? Please pipe in.
              Is it acceptable to be a member of more than one gourd society?


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                It's "Arizona Territorial Prison System"

                and it's

                "Arizona Territory Gourd Dance Society"

                That was discussed extensively at the organizational meetings.

                Originally posted by straightdancerinaz:
                <STRONG>Arizona Territorial or whatever they're called.....are still around. And very active, they serve as the Color Gaurd at many a dance in AZ and in Cali. I don't know if they have an annual dance, but, SHANKA might be able to help you out on that him.</STRONG>


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                  Hey, Guys!!!!! Don't forget us women!! White Star also has a Women's Auxilliary!! :D
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