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  • Competitions.

    Today is early in 2006.

    That said...I've been reading previous posts on other forums about dances.

    Competition dances.

    Hate. Discontent. Who made more points. Who was related to whom. Who was picked, who was not.

    What a setup for failure.

    Makes me remember why I'm not fond of contest dances. I'm very happy that our dances down south are organized by fine organizations that work hard to make them free and open to all folks, and that there are no dancers poking safety-pins into themselves or their regalia in the form of a big ugly number tag.

    Thank you! No...THANK YOU!! To all the folks who take the time to make free, non-contest dances for all folks to attend.

    I've helped our organization to do it, ran raffles, mopped floors, brought cakes....and it is a lot of work. And, I am so grateful to those that make open dances possible. Folks that make possible dances that are about gathering together and not argueing and bickering about 'points' and 'numbers' and who is judging whom, whom is related to whom. :P :P :P did contest come to kill our dances?

    The contest dances bring more money. Contest dances bring more celebrities. Contest dances bring more attention than open pow-wows. That is true. And, sad.

    Thank you so very much, you organizations striving and hosting open dances. You un-sung heroes. You folks have the admiration and praise of many of us. You don't recieve enough money or attention. When you are gone, you'll be the ones the others quote as wisdom. When you are gone, there will only be folks left behind pinning empty numbers to their costumes.

    Numbers... Jeez. :P

    You have my thanks.
    Scott Zotigh
    Kiowa Black Leggings
    Kiowa Gourd Clan
    Kiowa Tiah Piah
    Kiowa Marine Veterans
    American Indian Veterans

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    You mean we aren't going to get to start having Gourd Dance Contest?

    I know exactly what you're talking about. I, too, don't really care for the contest dance. I will go to a dance for the dance not because it is a contest dance. Some contest we go to because of a friend and I will go ahead and contest just so I can get to dance. I do prefer to go to non-contest dances. The dance that our family helps co-sponsor here in Sedalia, MO is not and will not be a contest dance. We have had a family now and then sponsor a certain catagory for exhibtion and give a gift for thier pick of the "best" dancer. This is just a game for the fun. We just like to have fun here at our dance, no pressure.


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      It's one of the many reasons I enjoy gourd dancing. It reminds me of artist friends of mine that took a true talent from the heart and soul and tried to make a living from it, and in the process lost the inspiration that motivated them to produce art in the first place. I understand competition dancing for what it is and why it exists, but much prefer other reasons for being out there, and gathering together in the right spirit not the least among them. It's much the same feeling I get traveling over to Anadarko every year to experience the Black Leggin's Mr. Z.

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