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    Could someone please explain to me what Gourd dancing is.....I alwaz hear about it but never saw it b4.... I guess I just dont get to alot of them powwows that has this dance so there for I have never see it.....please expalin
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    come on know you kiowas got soemthing to say!!
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      Backup singa: Before I can answer this question in a way you can relate to, I would like to ask where you Powwow?

      not trying to avoid the question just how to relate.


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        The gourd dance originated with the Kiowa people and began with the "Legend of the Red Wolf." Look for a video tape called "Into the Circle" and you can probably get an a better understanding of this warrior's dance. Here in Oklahoma the Kiowa Tia Piah Society has their annual gourd dance around the fourth of July at Chieftain Park near Carnegie, Ok.


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          Originally posted by CHEROSAGE
          Backup singa: Before I can answer this question in a way you can relate to, I would like to ask where you Powwow?

          not trying to avoid the question just how to relate.
          Relate to her like someone from Canada that has been to more round dances than powwows and the powwows she has been to are all northern protocol.
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            There are many tribes that claim this dance. But the Kiowas are the ones who were to get the dance going again in the sixties and seventies. The story of the Red wolf comes from the Kiowas. If you look in the arcives this has been discussed many of times....
            If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
            Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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