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    I am so glad to hear good words of Mr. Shortman.

    My mind, prolly like many others, was begining to give him bad thoughts he never deserved. Bad thoughts bestowed on him by those taking his name for their own purpose.

    Thank you for your post.
    Scott Zotigh
    Kiowa Black Leggings
    Kiowa Gourd Clan
    Kiowa Tiah Piah
    Kiowa Marine Veterans
    American Indian Veterans


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      ur right!

      Yep, Mr.Shortman would never do anything like that!! He would be the first one to tell these "hobbs" where to stick it!!! lol
      Southern Boy


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        Originally posted by CrazyInDn
        Yep, Mr.Shortman would never do anything like that!! He would be the first one to tell these "hobbs" where to stick it!!! lol

        Chaif Dirty Face, *L

        When you see Lawrence, tell him what the website says about him! Or betta' yet, tell Ida Ray *L

        Are you going to Denver March?

        If so, we need to hang out after the powwow?
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          My cousin Dennis wrote a very good article on the Kiowa Gourd Dance that I'd like to share here. It was printed as an article in the Indian Country Today publication.

          (My grandmother, were she alive today, would point out that the Red Wolf was not wearing a...
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          I was reading this entry in the encyclopedia and it struck me that there were things in here that I have never heard of!
          I am no expert and do not claim to know everything, that is not possible....
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          From the Daily Oklahoman:
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          From the Daily Oklahoman:
          Gourd dancers uphold their tradition's purity

          CARNEGIE -- For the first time ever, the Ahdokobo men danced together last week.
          Shaking rattles on beaded sticks and draped in red and blue blankets, Allen Dale Ahdokobo and his three sons two-stepped...
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