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    Since this came up at the end of another thread, I thought I would start a new discussion. Who are the individuals making up this new gourd dance group in San Antonio? Where did they obtain permission to do this? Do they follow any particular traditions? Who are their headsmen?

    Any information or insights are appreciated.

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    I really don't know too much about them except what I observe. But I can quote a powwow program.
    "...Cheyene Elder Eugene Blackbear, Sr. nominated the Alamo Gourd Dance Society in October 2001. The members of the society unanimously selected Ignacio M. De La Vega (Chiricahua Apache ancestry) as the society chairman. Formal recognition as a Gourd Dance Society will occur during the 5th Annual United San Antonio Powwow....

    I have seen gourd dancing most of my life, however this group does things alittle different.

    Lipan Lady


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      I am curious now as to the differences that are being observed. What do they do that may be different from the Kiowas, Comanches, etc......?


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        I am not an expert and i have made mistakes. I have seen these guys dance for about a yr. now and they are very nice people but they just dont know what to do......... My aunt told me that this dance is a beutiful dance that should not be messed up and I dont want to sound mean or invalidate anyone but someone needs to teach them the right way to do things.

        As far as doing things different than the kiowas and etc.. you would just have to see it for yourself...


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