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Gourd Dance, Dying? Or resurgance?

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      Shawl Lady,
      I thank you for your kind word and your blessing. My the creator bless all you do, and leave you with nothing but joy in your heart.
      When your in the arena nothing matters but the step of your feet, the sway of your fringe and the beat of the drum. ~Peace love and fry bread.~


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        Shawl lady and Bullcreekldy:

        Continue to strive for knowledge of what is respectable and rightious. "Anything that is worthwhile takes time."

        Now back to the original question of dying out or resurgeance . ..

        New songs are composed every year to add to the gourd dance genre.

        The Navaho now claim to have their own gourd dance societies. At a recent "all gourd dance" in Gallup, there were 92 gourd dancers. They now even compose their own songs.

        More "southern" powwows from Cali to FL. are including the gourd dance as a part of their program.

        At this year's Kiowa Gourd Clan there were over 140 dressed male gourd dancers.

        My vote is "the gourd dance is as strong as ever!"
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          Hey that's great to hear -- about the increased numbers of Gourd Dancers at pow wows around the country.

          Thanks for giving your comments. I have met some members from the 4 corners area (Navajo) Gourd Dance Society. That sure surprised me, but they were just like the Oklahoma ones I know. These days more people are of mixed Native American tribal heritage. I am meeting people who have apache, pawnee, yaki and navajo heritage or other combinations. That's quite a mix! Hard to choose which one to pursue for dance regalia and learning songs and the old customs and traditions. Hey but that's good too -- learning something about them all.

          As long as we can sing our songs, make our art, follow our spiritual and medicine beliefs, and use our language, the future looks much better for the generations ahead.
          Shawl Lady


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