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  • Zotigh
    I'm gonna use your own words to pass the test you are presenting before us, you jokester.

    You were just as wiley when we were playing "indians and bad guys' years ago as kids.

    Your own quote betray your trap;
    Originally posted by WhoMe
    "Today, recognizing and respecting the origins of powwow aids in our Cultural Survival. If enough people break the rules because they are not satisfied...."We will have no culture."
    I know I didn't wait long enough for folks fall into the trap and post here about "yeah, do it Whome!", or "oh, yeah..that's what I'd do, Whome!"

    You prankster.

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  • Josiah
    I have one for you...
    Stand up and sit down randomly

    I was surprised by how many would ask if it was ok to wear there Hat
    I always said no

    Are you to wear full regalia?
    I always thought that just looks Keen

    Be the first ready to dance
    Shake everybodies Hand
    Dance Hard
    Have a good time

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  • WhoMe
    started a topic Head Gourd Dancer

    Head Gourd Dancer

    I've never been a head gourd dancer before.

    When I became a member of my gourd clan, I was told by our leader that this is something we shouldn't do. I was also told our gourd clan would never be a host gourd clan because this is not a part of our culture.

    But I accepted this position because of the person who asked me.

    So here goes....

    Any tips from anyone?

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  • streamhawk
    to follow the drum or the head gourd dancer
    by streamhawk
    I've had this situation happen a couple of times, and would like opinions from you. Some of you may not have a head gourd dancer where you dance, but alot of dances do. So you're sitting down, waiting for the drum to ask you to stand up and dance, that time comes, the head gourd dancer doesn't get up...
    10-01-2008, 05:32 PM
  • jcurley17
    How do you enter the Gourd danceing?
    by jcurley17
    I just wanna know how you been come a gourd dance even when your not a vet.
    05-21-2003, 09:21 PM
  • WhoMe
    Kiowa Gourd Clan sets dates
    by WhoMe
    Just passing on information:

    Gourd clan benefit dances (3):

    First benefit gourd dance. March 4, 2006. 1:00 pm. Red Buffalo Hall. Carnegie, Oklahoma.

    Second benefit gourd dance. April 8, 2006. 1:00 pm. Red Buffalo Hall. Carnegie, Oklahoma.

    03-02-2006, 11:06 AM
  • jcurley17
    becomeing a gourd dancer
    by jcurley17
    When becomeing a Gourd Dancer do you make your own Gourd and Fan and stuff, or is it given to you by the person who welcomes you in to the gourd dancing?
    06-06-2003, 02:48 PM
  • Zotigh
    Gourd at a Contest.
    by Zotigh
    It's like sour to sweet.

    Gourd dance is open to all and God help the dolt who ever makes a contest category of Gourd Dance.

    I'm not a fan of 'contest' pow-wows. I understand that they are out there. But, when I see our dance part of them, it does not seem right....
    10-21-2005, 04:39 AM



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