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Calling all Gourd dancers!!!!!!!!!

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  • Calling all Gourd dancers!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to invite all of you Gourd dancers to go down to McAllen TX Oct. 24-25. The South Texas (Way South) Powwow is a great dance and the Host are just the best.

    This years Head Gourd dancer is Bryan Brightcloud, Chiricahua Apache. I bet Bryan would appreciate everyone comming to help him out.

    Come on Gentlemen and Ladies let's support this Gentleman.
    I know that this dance isn't toooo far from San Antonio. I normally make it to San Antonio my first nights drive to McAllen.

    By the way My youngest son is the Head little boy dancer down there.

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    I forgot to tell you all where it is.

    The dance is at the Palm View Community Center and Library, 3401 Jordan, McAllen Texas.
    McAllen is in the very southwest corner of Texas. It is just about 1 hr north of Brownsville Texas. Drive south and west from the Padre Islands. McAllen is almost due south of San Antonio Texas.

    Hope this will help. I can make it in 1 days travel if we don't stop and just travel straight through. Otherwise it takes us 2 days if we stop over night at San Antonio.

    Hope to see you all there.


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      the invitation

      I would like to second the invitation, the invitation to all gourd dancers, and all dancers as well.

      I have meet CHEROSAGE and his family last year when I attended and this is a VERY enjoyable powwow, with lots of vendors. It is all inside, so weather does not matter.

      The head staff are very knowledgeable and attend many of the central Texas powwows, as well as some across the globe. Yes, this is true and if you would like to see hoop dancing, I know there will be at least one, who has been doing it for coutless of years, and I know 2 others that live in McAllen who might dance the hoop as well.

      I'll see you there


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        If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life; let's all get wasted together and have the time of our lives!


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