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Hand painted imitation hawk feathers

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  • Hand painted imitation hawk feathers

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a source for hand painted imitation red tail hawk feathers I want to make a new wing fan for my gourd dance regalia. I have contacted 3 listings on the internet but none of them return e-mails or answer their phones.

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    Have you tried Crazy Crow , Noc Bay , or any of the other supply stores ? They have them. Most of the members I know on here are using REAL feathers and not any kind of painted ones. Good luck !
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      Looks like I will probably end up with Crazy Crow. Only reason I am going with imitation is I live in Alabama and Fish and Game is like seize first and not bother with questions. I am trying to avoid a lot of the hassle especially in southern states


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        Perhaps you might find through this site, what you are searching for. Native American Lakota Feather Ceremonial Hair Ties

        Those feathers are painted by Alan Monnroe.
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          Because it is nearly impossible to prove provenance. Somebody could almost as easily shoot a bald eagle in a rural area, pull feathers, and claim that they “found” them. It is the same reason some species that are actually very common are protected through CITES.
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