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Why do you gourd dance?

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  • Why do you gourd dance?

    Thought this would be good for us to think about and discuss. How were you introduced to gourd dancing? Why or how did you decide it was for you? How did you learn? Do you know the songs?

    I put the questions out their so I get to answer later.

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    Well, this is an interesting subject........ I began Gourd Dancing through my Father in Law. I would help at our Tia Piah Annual, water carrier, sound assist, clean up etc... and the Drum found its way into my heart. I have Danced at many different locations and seen different ways of doing..... protocol etc.

    I have seen many people come into the Circle through the Gourd Dance and it makes me very happy. As long as the Dance is kept Traditional. My whole family dances the Gourd dance, my wife, my older daughter( Tia Piah Princess), my youngest daughter, my son and my Mother in Law. I am TRULY BLESSED !!!! We say our Prayers together. A-HO


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      I was brought into the gourd dance by my dad, who is kiowa from oklahoma. So this dance is part of our family it wil always be part of me no matter where I go. I learned from all of my relatives and family members back in Carnegie, ok. And by trying on my own when and where ever they had a gourd dance. As for the songs they are not hard to learn and to get them down. Yes I know most of the song's but their are always new ones being mad.


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        I think that echohawk brings up a valid point in that the Gourd dance is a KIOWA dance. All things must come from this..

        I was at Carnegie last summer and had very wondeful time. Hope to see you there this summer. Send me a pm.


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          Well the first time I saw gourd dance was at Tipton Labor day pow-wow. The songs had me from the start, as time went on I begain to sing and learned those gourd songs and the history to the whole gourd dancing thing.

          The history I learned from several people who were Kiowa and people who were white that lived with the Kiowa. I dance with the White Star group out of indiana. But my true love is the song, I work on the gourd songs all the time. I love them.......
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              I agree with TMS--I think that a reason many gourd dancers dance is because of the songs. The songs will hook you immediately. I've had many spectators approach me and say "Those first songs you guys sung before the Grand Entry, etc. were awesome!" Even specatators who have never seen this before find something special in the songs. I'd say that's the common answer for a lot of folks.

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                I too love the songs and how I feel when I either sing them, or dance to them. I gotta be honest and say that I gourd dance for a very selfish reason. I am very comfortable and happy when I gourd dance. From the time I throw my blanket on my shoulders to the last strains of "Charlie Brown", that is my time. I can think about what I want to , I can pray if I need to, I can lose myself in the song. These songs, and the whole atmosphere of a gourd dance probably mean very little to an observer, but when I am directly involved, either with my friends at the drum, or with my brothers on the floor, there is no better place to be. When I dance intertribal, sometimes it is to show off what I have made, or a new move I have been working on. When I gourd dance , it is for me.


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                  I used to think the Gourd Dance was the most dull and boring event at a powwow, until i was invited and brought out into the circle to dance back in 1998 at Tipton, IN.

                  Since then, after dancing for about a year, i joined the White Star Gourd Dance Society. Now, i personally prefer and enjoy dancing Gourd much more than any other powwow dancing because of the feelings, thoughts, songs, and friendships.

                  At some powwows, the dancers, drums, and songs can come together and really start meshing together, but for me that's rare.

                  But at a Gourd dance, the dancers, songs, and drum usually come together right at the start.

                  While the Gourd Dance may not be much to watch to people who don't understand, it's really awesome to do.

                  But it's like trying to explain what chocolate tastes like to someone who has never tasted chocolate, you just have to experience it to understand it.
                  DANCING IS EVERYTHING!!!!

                  I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

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                    Not sure if the one in Tipton,in is like the one in Carnegie, oklahoma. They have at least 200 dancers there through the whole week. And are these people that do the gourdances out that way are the Indian or Non-Indian.


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                      In Tipton, (and Crescent City, Statesville & Union Grove) while there's a lot of whites there, there's also some indians who come and Gourd Dance there too.

                      Now in Cherokee NC, when they have a Gourd Dance, they're mostly Indians. ;-)

                      DANCING IS EVERYTHING!!!!

                      I love my tipi's. I'll never be homeless with them.

                      History is written by the winners.


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                        Is good thing you all have said. Alot of these are same as my reason.
                        My grandfather,and my father and uncle.would dance these. I saw this growing up. I too thought it was tireding to watch. I would want to play instead. i like the drum so I stay. I see how my family dance in heat. Dance and feel good. I watch. Then my dad dies. I was thirteen. My grandfather and uncle help my mom out and raise this young boy. my grandfather never tell me what to do. He let me watch. I see empty space now between my grandfather and uncle. I was going to be come angry because this space should not be. Then I think that space is now for me to fill. I talk to my grandfather. he was happy. He gave me a rattle my dad had used. My mom give me his blanket. They had me coming out. We sang memorial for my dad. We had giveaway. My grandfather is gone, so is my uncle. I stand now with my sons and stand with all those who pased. I feel thiese things when i dance and songs. I pray for those. I pray for my grandsons.
                        thank you for your time
                        Never go commando in another man's fatigues!!!


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                          With Respect To Our Veterens

                          My first time seeing gourd dancing was when I went to a Pow Wow here in MO many years ago. I have always respected our Vets who ever they may be.

                          My husband is a Vet. He served for 8 years in the Air Force. He will someday dance as a Gourd Dancer. I am proud to say that he is my husband and I will dance behind him with respect and Love.

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