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What Happened to Gourd Dancing in North Carolina

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  • What Happened to Gourd Dancing in North Carolina

    I've been powwowing most of my life and have traveled quiet a bit and seend gourd dances in many different states with differnt tribes but in NC it rarely happens and then only in Cherokee country as far as I know. What would i need to do or who would I need to contact to revive the tradition in this area. Help please.
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    Just asking

    Is gourd dancing a age old tradition in the southeast?


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      I was just asking because I know there are plenty of natives at nearby Fort Bragg that have expressed a wish to dance at out local powwows but they need a drum to sing the songs. None in the area know any as far as I know and I was just asking whom could I ask that has good knowledge that maybe able to teach me if they choose to do so, so that the Bragg guys can come and dance. They know the dancin but aren't knowledgable enough to teach songs. Thank You for any help.
      I am the rocks of the Eternal shores crash against me and be Broken!


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