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    I used to grass dance when I was younger and with my family. But I have now been on my own for a long time. I have moved away from where I was raised and am living in Washington state now. I have attended a few Pow Wows here but am really isolated for the most part. I honestly don't know how to introduce myself or to who without sounding like an idiot. I want to start dancing again, and teach my sons as well. Any suggestions?

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    um um well thats kind of hard to help with cuz it just comes naturale to me so i cant realy ay how to help you with greetings and introductions. :29: i guess :D
    Powwows my life style


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      When I was moving around there for a while I also felt as you did. I found out that I had to just pick myself up and introduce "myself" to others in the area I moved to. I started going to all kinds of Native events and not just the powwows. I attended seminars, lectures, art presentations, meetings, etc. I would seek out the Elders and give them a small gift of tobacco and introduce myself.

      So go to the Native Events, seek out the Elders and give them a small gift of tobacco as you introduce yourself and your family to them. And little by little you will get known and make friends and become a part of the Local Native Community.


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