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fave grass dancer

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  • fave grass dancer

    :Chatter My fave grassdancer is Randy
    Paskemin, then there's Julius not afraid, he's pretty good
    (little hot doggish) but cool,lee jack jr., Rusty Gilette,James Stephenson(gonna be the ish oneday)lol...lots more the oh! the back in the day Johnathan Windyboy.....he's bad......My most of all faves are the ones who dance for the love straight up .......

    Holla back.....
    "Remember where you've been and know where your going or else your lost."

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    My FaV GRaSs DaNCeR..

    HmMmMz...iMa HaVe Ta SaY..KeeNo GaLLeGoZ..RePPiN DeNVeR y'aLL! DeN JuLiuS NoT AfRaiD..DaT BoY Has aLL MoVeZ..KaNT WaiT Ta See Him aT oGLaLa NaTioN..WeSLey WiNdyBoY, LaKOta CLaiRMoNt, My BrO iN LaW DaLe :D. BuT y'aLL GraSS DanCeRz KeeP SHaKin DaT *** Fo Sho AiGht..i'LL Be WaTcHiN LoL.:p
    PoWwoW aLL DaY..49 aLL NiTe..69 TiLL Da BReaK oF DaWn..


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      I think they're all goooood!! I love the shakin' and steppin'. Mmm Mm.. Can't wait to see the grass dancers again.
      ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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        OOOO!!!!! gRaSs DaNcErS!!'s my favoritest-est grass dancers...

        Julius Not Afraid
        Wanbli Charging Eagle
        Randy Paskimen
        That Charles WindyBoy...yeah his fam can jam but I like him better...hehe
        Dustin Whitford tears it up old skoo style!!!
        Oh yeah, and that one :p
        "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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          my favs are (in no particular order)

          Andrew Baker

          "Boo" Brings Them

          Micah Swimmer

          "Mister" Baker

          Adam Genia
          (as he picks up a handfull of dirt and drops it) "Even this much land i will not sell"
          Tatanka Yotanka


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            grass dance

            The top grass dancer also happens to be the winner of the IronMan contest at Carry-the-Kettle, SK just last week, dancing 23 songs in 52 minutes without a break and that's Terrence McNabb. His dad, Ron McNabb is another fav along with Rusty Gillette. Look out for Nick Wahpepah of Sissortail, he's taking over with his cho outfit and hoka hey style


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              I'd have to say:

              *Terrance Goodwill <~ I've only seen him once, when he came to our school, but damn! :crazy {Weak in the knees good }
              *Jon Olney <~ Whoa :Thumbs {Weak in the knees good too }
              *Brandon Daniels
              *And my personal fav.. Keller Condon :p


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                My favorites are 1~ Julius Not Afraid 2~ Rusty Gilette :2: :Eyepopper :Frog :Naughty :Jumping: :bouncy: :bouncy: :clap: :bouncy: :bouncy:
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                This is life, and I'm lovin it!


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                  Didn't we all ready have this topic?

                  We'll anyways i would have to say Randly Wood..Love his style
                  :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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                    I agree with Red_Summit

                    1. Terrence
                    2. JD
                    3. Nathan Nez
                    4. Matt S :Naughty
                    5. Peter Jo
                    6. Teddy

                    :Heart :Heart :Heart :Heart :Heart :Heart :Blush :Crazy


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                      Fav Grass Dancer

                      Joe Lafferty
                      In Loving Memory of Allen Alberts Sr.
                      March 1, 1945 to February 16, 2005
                      R.I.P Daddy
                      As long as you keep a person down, some part of you is down there to hold that person down. So you don't soar higher than you want.

                      ~~~CutHead Band of Sioux~~~

                      ~~Native Pride~~


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                        GoldenAge - Allan Retasket, Sr.
                        Teen - Allan Retasket, Jr.
                        JrBoys - Sierra Marson
                        "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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                          FAV GRASS DANCER!!!

                          I would have to say the BEST grass dancer is......JULIUS NOT AFRAID!!! Not only because I know him personally, but because when he is out in the center he totally gets into the song. He has different moves than everyone else. I especially like it when he "dips and dives." It's great! I love the way his two roach feathers keep moving, even after he stops dancing. He is just great to watch!! I try not to miss him when he dances, but he travels to all the big pow-wows, and I only get to see him dance when he dances locally.
                          I hope he does well as Schemitzun. I hope he takes 1st Place AGAIN!!!:D

                          Oh, and Julio, what do you mean by "a little hot-doggish"? :Mad :Flame :Yell
                          These things I wish for you-tough times and disappointment, hard work and happiness. To me, it's the only way to appreciate life.


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                            :D :Angel: :p :Chatter

                            scrubby dancer is sooo goooood!!!!

                            Brandon Daniels is pretty good too.

                            and Tyrone Thomas can be cool.

                            I like it when they can make things look so smooth.
                            Everything you do....Always do your best.
                            -quote by the late Herman Bobb


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                              Currently I'd go with..uhh..ummm so many of em' eh?

                              Wade Baker
                              Darnell Baker
                              Mr. Baker
                              Edmund Pibbs Baker
                              Scott Baker
                              Manny Sheppard
                              Richard Streeet
                              Rusty Gillette
                              Poncho Brady
                              Pierce Fox
                              Fred Fox
                              Wayne Fox
                              Jay Bearstail
                              Daryl Bearstail
                              Wesley Windboy
                              John Murie
                              Charles WindyBoy
                              Big Wind Windyboy
                              Jonathan Windyboy

                              and if I forgot any of my bro's I apologize, but you all kick azz, keep up the good work!
                              ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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