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  • My fave

    Ok the best dancer i'v seen has to be jonathan windyboy he has to to be my fave to watch!!! Then theres rusty guilette he one of the best out there today!!!!


    • Last I checked, being bada** had very little to do with what grass dancing was all about.

      Originally posted by Fancy_Dancer_RB View Post
      Imma have ta go with Mr. Preston aka ronnie. hes pretty good. gettin OLD though!! jk jk but yeah julius not afraid is tight to! just to warn everyone...Theres this new, bada**, up and coming grass dancer!! his names Thomas (Kunu) Redbird IV. Repping the ho-chunk nation. remember that name
      Mii iw keyaa ezhi-ditibiseyaan


      • fave dancers

        Cory Joseph

        and my new fave too Cory Joseph Jr Is a Fancy dancer now!


        • ray merrick


          • Originally posted by Cheyenne_G View Post
            For one thang Stephan Black Bear he can dance and move left to right and DAMN he can do Chicken dance like no other... And to top it off he's FINE and a really nice guy...I talked to him before but i had a man at the time, so you know what i'm sayin i couldn't holla at him but next time for sure... He's not afraid to get out there and show what he's workin with!!!!!!!:p
            Stephan BlackBear was my boyfriend for 2 years and your right he is fine!


            • Originally posted by ballin_n_shawlin View Post
              ok... ok... so i might be a little bit biased (ok i'm extremely biased) but My favorite Grass Dancer is

              Lakota Clairmont...

              i always thought he was sooooo smooth! and i still think he is!! He grass dances the way it should be done... but that's MHO ha ha :D
              Heck yes!! He's my fave grasser!


              • OMG!! My Fav. Grass dancer is Josh Richardson from the Haliwa Saponi tribe.... He's a really wonderful champion dancer. He's so light on his feet and he has all these really smooth moves! I think he's the best there is!!!!...


                • Fave Grass Dancer

                  Randall Peskamin most def, dances for the love of it. : )


                  • My favorite Grass dancer is Jason Kingbird I love the way that he moves and he is very cute.I also like Darrell Goodwill, Terrence Goodwill, Randy Paskemin, Rusty Gillette,


                    • im gonna seem out of place saying this, but im really liking Johnnie Johnson right now (hes in the teen category). he was really cool at the Denver March powwow last month :) me and my friend went all girly and asked for his autograph *blushes remembering*
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                      • Jonathon Windy Boy


                        • Dis Guy

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                          • Trae Littlesky !
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                            • I must have watched that improv video a hundred times. It appears often in the "Watch Again" section on my YouTube home page.
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                              • Paul G
                                2005 Member's Choic Awards - Best Grass Dancer
                                by Paul G
                                Vote for your favorite.
                                Julius Not Afraid
                                Rusty Gillette
                                Wambli Charging Eagle
                                Terrance Goodwill
                                Randell Paskiman
                                02-01-2005, 01:10 PM
                              • Dine'_gurl
                                What do think make a grass dancer!?!?!
                                by Dine'_gurl
                                See I love grass dancer's,(mmm) and so do all of my gurls!! But ever one of us likes a grass dancer for a different reason!!! Like their style or the way they dance lil things like that! so I was woundering what you guys look for in a grass dancer!!!!:28:
                                01-25-2004, 11:44 PM
                              • Dine'_gurl
                                fave grass dancers
                                by Dine'_gurl
                                Man that's kinda hard cause I love me some grass dancers... But if I had to really pick some I would have to say?!?!??!

                                This is not in any kinda order:

                                Daryl Bolton:mrking:
                                Derrrick Stanly :Thumbs
                                Ronnie Preston :Blush...
                                01-01-2004, 06:20 PM
                              • meskwaki_diva
                                The greastest Grass Dancers
                                by meskwaki_diva
                                Men's Grass (18-49)

                                1. Ha-ga Cleveland

                                2. Gabe Desrosiers

                                3. Mike Onestar

                                Men's Golden Age

                                1. Sidney Keahna

                                2. Johnny Smith

                                3. Kenny Scabbyrobe
                                02-05-2004, 03:34 PM
                              • richermartyn
                                Grass Dance
                                by richermartyn
                                Hi, Every one

                                The Grass Dance style is a very old dance rich in history that has become very popular. In the old days, it was the job of the grass dancers to flatten the grass in the arena before a pow wow. The name "grass" does not come from the stomping of grass, but it comes...
                                10-06-2009, 06:38 AM



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