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Yarn Or Ribbon?

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  • Yarn Or Ribbon?

    Which one do u think is better and why?

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    I love the ribbon outfits, mainly because the movement is beautiful and the texture of the ribbon speaks when the dancer moves.....


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      I like the yarn only when the dancer takes really good care of his clothes. I do not like seeing it wrinkled and dirty and tangled with sticks and weeds. People need to take more pride in their clothes and the apperance they put forth out to the public... aiyeeeeeeee!:Mad
      Never go commando in another man's fatigues!!!


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        i like long as the body is moving and a swaying and just getting down.... then it doesnt matter what they are wearing.:p And if they have nice wrinkle free grass outfits on it looks SOOOOOO much better.... please fellas tell your ladies to pack a iron for those road trips or iron them yourselves... some of those dancers just look to silly with a wrinkled grass look


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          i like it when the mix it up. but i pefer the yarn.



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            I like the yarn too.
            "You know, sometimes it's a good day to die, and sometimes it's a good day to dance."


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              I dig the yarn especially if it's good quality and well kept, it looks great on the older set(teen & up) but i got me a couple a rough housing lil guys who wanna be grass dancers and the way i've seen some of them lil guys tearing through the pow-wow grounds...well i just have to wonder how long it takes their poor mammas to un-do the knots and pick out all the stuff they been rolling around in , so maybe ribbon is better for the sesame street set????? what do you think??

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                Buckskin fringes look really good and have that snap when they move


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                  I think yarn makes the outfit look fuller and makes the guy look bigger (in all the right places aye!). :)
                  snaf, snarf!


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                    Yarn or Ribbon

                    I say, Yarn. I like Triple B's Firechief remarks. I watche J. Windyboy dancing many times and admired his grassdance style.


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